Video: Aubameyang gets our season underway but VAR made us sweat decision

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored Arsenal’s first league goal of the season to put us 1-0 up over Norwich, but there was fears that VAR was set to intervene.

The Gunners have endured a tetchy affair at the Emirates today, with much of the finishing leaving a lot to be desired, but we are finally off the mark half-way through the second-half.

Captain Aubameyang has found himself in the right place in the right time as Nicolas Pepe and Tim Krul both struggled to get a grip on the loose ball, and our main man was never going to miss from there.

Pictures courtesy of BeinSports

There is still plenty of time for more goals in this, but at present we still look the most likely to add to the tally.


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  1. This was a poor Norwich side, we were wasteful in front of goal, this is not going to go away.Arteta is not the right man for the job, this win only extends his time, he is a novice

  2. Poor! Poor!! Poor!! Only positives – Tomi, Lokonga, Ramsdale. The team lacks coaching. We are definitely in for another tough ride through this season. The search for a new manager better start now!

  3. My predictions: The woeful doom mongers will go on and on and on until our steady and sure rise in the table will make them look even more ridiculous than they do right now.

    Prediction number two is that MA WILL turn our poor start around and that those Gooners who believe in fair play for MA, such as FAIRFAN, GRANDAD, AD PAT, myself and several others, will soon have the last laugh on the dismal Reggies, Logics, Dan Kits, HHs, etc of this site.

    I cannot wait, personally.

    Oh,and prediction number three – those doommongers will now attack me for writing truth as I see it, which is simply my opinion!

    To be clear I never started out wishing MA to be our manager, BUT as a supporter I decided to give him a fair and proper chance, which the majority on here wish to deny him.

      1. What do you know!!

        I was pro Emery right up til it became obvious that the constant fan war against him, which was hugely unfair, plus his massive language difficulties made his communication problems almost impossible. He had finally lost the Dressing Room, though unfairly, and so he had to go.

        But I still believe he is a top manager and he never had a fair chance here , just as MA is not getting from all the hasty and self entitled doom mongers who infect this site daily.

  4. Two things, obviously MA is not a premier league manager. But second in the news and less transparent, except to those who watch closely, is a very poor choice of how to spend the seemingly available money. Last 9 or 10 years only bargain mid-table types have been purchased. One mediocre player after another. Now we are solidly mid table and staying because we just got a new bunch of unproven players who will not miraculously become undiscovered super stars that will win trophies and be fought over by Real and Barca. I watched them pass on Van Dike at Celtic and Southhampten, Hazard at Lille, just dominating the field like a man among children. No vision or desire in the present ownership. Now there are both bad manager (just give him time to learn), and some of these players will really be stars. How blind are the Kroenkes. If I can see it why can’t the qualified experts? I feel that it is inbred now, and there is not hope.

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