Video – Aubameyang steamrollering Watford with his second goal

No sooner had I posted up a video of Aubameyang’s opening goal against Watford he goes and scores another one, he is on fire today.

This was his fifth goal of the season and now he is just a couple behind pacesetters Sergio Aguero and Tammy Abrahams in the battle to be Premier League top scorer of the season.

It was nice work from Ainsley Maitland-Niles who steamed into the Watford penalty area before finding Auba who put the ball into the back of an open goal.

This is starting to look ominous for Watford, every time Arsenal attack they look like they will score, their heads have dropped a little and more goals are on the cards.


      1. Fck arse they got what they put in. Deserve to draw lucky not to lose…! When ANY arsenal player would like to step up I’d like to listen. Absolute rubbish.i hope the players can sleep on their salary because they shouldn’t. I’d be ashamed if I went to work & gave that be sacked.

      2. I agree totally. The negatives are so much to bring out here Unai Emery is at fault with his substitutions why would you replace Ceballos for Willock and Ozil is strolling in the field. Mainland niles is a big question mark for me at right back why did the board not go all out for a decent backup option for the right back spot. Nelson is a good enough to start or sit on the bench I will say no some wil say that’s harsh considering is so early on in the season but I believe it’s time we give martinelli a chance. Socrates and Luiz is a disaster waiting to happen. I am so disappointed after waiting a whole week

  1. I can’t believe my eyes at this defending. Emery is not a good coach, we were lucky to be two goals ahead, but to keep doing the same thing that nearly gave Watford a goal at the second half until Watford actually scored from it is totally beyond me. Child like defensive mentality.

    1. Manager is a joke, I have been saying for long UE is not the man atleast we were playing good football under wenger. No style of play n painful to watch. Who brings on youngsters when your team is under pressure. Why play from back when you have a shaky defense already. Wrong team selection everytime…I am amazed ppl here still support UE n think our acdemy players r future super stars. everyone wished wenger out now enjoy….hahaha

  2. Emery needs help. Is he looking at what we are looking at. It’s self-harm. Playing out from the back from goal kicks is pathetic.

  3. Unai Emeri must leave our club. The man is clueless and I’m not sure if he’s got any motivational qualities. Sack him now before we become a laughing ? stock.

  4. Regardless of today’s result, I maintain, Emery isn’t the coach for us. I think he’s better suited to the Valencias and Sevillas of the world…. I’m hoping Pepe gets to register his first goal for us in this game, and build his confidence from there…. Hoping our injured players will return sooner than anticipated too…. I can’t wait to see this squad under a good coach….. I’d have loved Conte…. Anyways, COYG!

  5. There is no steamrolling, because our badger wants to play out from the back, despite giving away a goal. The momentum is with Watford and we are struggling.

  6. I’m really happy I’m not the only one calling for Unai’s head. The man isn’t for The Arsenal! End of.

    1. I started saying it from last season, anyone regular on this site can bear me witness. I knew from the way he applied his tactics that he isn’t a good manger. Today’s game win, lose or draw is awful.

  7. Emery doesn’t know what he’s doing
    Gendo and cabellos off and xhaka stays on

    Don’t blame sok for the goal who’s telling our defence to play short at GK s

  8. Yeah, I’ve lost my patience with Emery. I’m over it. Hope he doesn’t get a contract renewal. This squad is not living up to its potential and Emery hasn’t got a clue.

    1. Absolute joke of a side . Two clowns at the back a midfield who gives no protection whatsoever. I know it’s early days but Pepe looks awful.
      Joke of a side ??

  9. I think we’ve had one shot on goal sec half. We sfs hanging o for dard life. Says it all to me as far as Emery goes. He is not the manager for Arsenal

  10. We have a good team just the wrong mentality and manager. This is 2 points lost and if the post match manager interview says anything different he needs to go now. I’d have Jose in now as much as I hate to say it but he would get us organised

  11. How many of us still believe in Unai Emery in here pls just indicate. For me I think arsenal is too big a project for him… See how our players are playing football. Why did he remove Cabellos from this game? Rubbish. I done support this foolish coach.

  12. We drew because of our shity CBs. Nelson is a discount made in china IoWbi. Pepe is better dribbler version of chamakh. He cant pass, doesnt track back at all

  13. Unai out!

    This is worse than Wenger.
    Up 2-0: we keep playing short passes out from the goalie – clearlz a strait order from unai – it is his ideology. 2-1 was only a question of time, yet my MOM after Aubameyang – Guendouzi gets sacrifized for Unais believes.
    Up 2-1: why on earth would you replace a defensive midfielder for an attacking one? He could have replace Ozil or Pepe with Torreira

    This is ridicoulous – next coach please!

  14. Wow….. just wow…. I would love to hear what his loyalists have to say about this…. Jon Fox et Al…. The floor is yours

    1. For the rest of the season only I’d say yes. It’s never gonna happen but emery isn’t the one. I’d even say bring back Arsene now we have a better squad than we’ve had for a few years but we are slowly playing worse and worse

  15. Even at 2-0 up I couldn’t say other than auba and maybe Ozil any good performance. Once the goal went in they all had a score of 1. I’m so angry at this so so so f£&&))&& angry. I blame the manager and if he stays now this season we don’t get champions league next season, he doesn’t seem to know how to set a team up with a playing style. Ahhhhhbbbhbbbbbbbbhhhh and breathe

  16. We have a fantastic team but a shit manager. That’s why we are suffering. Any above avg manager can do wonders with this team.

  17. Emery has once again proved that he is not the right man for arsenal job.

    It is left for the management to act fast and get a replacement for him before he drags arsenal to the mud.

  18. I always believe in giving a man a chance. He has had his chance, new manager please. This defence wouldn’t get on a Sunday league team. My 3 year old daughter has a better football brain than this defence my goodness. Another 2 central defensive mistakes, frig me are we the only ones that can see this? Dead beats them all and as for these young ones again my 3 year old could push them off the ball. Devastated!!!!!!

  19. Sorry all logic, reason and being constructive out of the window – utter garbage.

    A complete lack of professionalism.

    Simply too many problems to list.

    Shocking in AGAIN tossing points !

  20. Arteta would have been much better. Gazidis wanted to leave a sour taste in our mouths; he had his way by employing this man with a low level knowledge of football.

    How many months are left on this man’s contract? No matter what happens before the end of the season, his contract should not be renewed.

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