Video: Bernd Leno own goal leaves Arsenal behind with little left on the clock

Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno has scored at the wrong end of the pitch to put Everton ahead at the Emirates.

Richarlison was deep alongside the goal-line when it looked like he would play into Dominic Calvert-Lewin inside the box, but he has centred it closer to the goal, and somehow Leno has put it in his own net.

VAR gave a glimmer of hope as they checked the Brazilian for an offside in the build-up, but VAR was not on our side today.

Pictures courtesy of RMC Sport

Fingers crossed we can resurrect a result here, or the Europa League may soon be our only possible chance of European football for next season.


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    1. We let Martinez go for this guy and he will cost us in the Europa…there are better keepers in the bottom 3 clubs.

  1. Leno howler.

    And Var is very consistent – only in robbing Arsenal.

    A lot of distracting noices outside the stadium.

  2. Martínez sale proving again a fantastic piece of business. For what 18M ?? One year and half of willian wages. But how much will it cost us to find a good keeper now ? While we had one that waited patiently 10years for his chance and showed love for this club. More than the loss of a good keeper, what was the signal sent to the team ? You can work hard. Make your way through the ranks, play well. But you won’t be guaranteed anything… Same wrong signals that was sent playing willian after he went to dubai during the pandemic. Sad. I don’t know what was the impact but i just watch our position in the table and that is awful. We can’t argue again that emery let an awful team.

  3. Leno is a disgrace.
    He said this week something like he may move on from us.
    Drop him and play Ryan.
    Besides that we are awful.
    Back sideways passing
    Dread Thursday.
    Villareal scoring lots of goals.

  4. We lost again because of Arteta’s poor team selection. You keep Martinelli on the bench and play an ineffective player called Nketiah and then remove Pepe and bring on Willian! I think Arteta has really exposed his poor assessment of his players. It is no surprise that we lost today. This was a self inflicted loss!

    1. And no balogun. Was he injured ? We are very lucky if he signs… I don’t understand arteta management. Nketiah had 20 times the opportunities given to balogun which is the same age. When he was called, he delivered. But no rewards. Like martinelli. Like martinez.

  5. Boy genius Farteta sold Martinez! That was enough to tell you all you needed to know about his talent evaluation. Same thing for the occasional tap in expert who gets game after game to prove he’s useless.

  6. It is hard to be a supporter of a club that has steadily declined to a bunch of losers over the last 5 years or so.

    From goalkeeper to striker we are weak in most departments of the game.

    We have one bright spot in Saka, a bit of promise in ESR
    and Martinelli and a good but too often injured Thierny.

    Most PL clubs have better squads.

    Why did we not start Martineli?

  7. Leno has never impressed me but Martinez did. The clowns in charge of the club didn’t quite manage that process, did they?

    No reason to look forward to the transfer window with these peeps in charge.

  8. Time and again I have mentioned that Leno is a liability, more worse than Almunia, Fabiansky and Mannone put together, just becuase his transfer fee was some 20M, some Leno appologists think he the best GK in the world!If we have to show some grit against Villareal, we need Matt between the sticks or it will be over for us before the kick off. Runar had one howler against City and was banished forever, why does the same not apply to Leno who has a howler every other game? Maybe 20M > 2M.
    Emery lost his job by playing the vanishing wizard, Arteta is heading for serious trouble if continues with this calamity clown.

    1. Emery played the “vanishing wizard”, after being forced to reinstate him, because the powers that be wouldn’t support discipline, when he dropped him. The “vanishing wizard” and his co conspirators stabbed Emery and Arsenal in the back, by downing tools in the run in to the end of the season. In the Europa League final in Baku, the “wizard” truly “vanished”, as was his want in big games at Arsenal.

      1. The “vanishing wizard” as you said was always the easy target for blames when he was here, he has since gone but the “status quo” remains. We can’t say we have progressed since he left…. sad.

        1. Difficult to argue with that many fans used to go on about how everything would”magically”get better once he and others left I’m still waiting!

          1. siamois, I am still waiting for things to get better once Unai Emery was gone. Changing the head coach/manager wasn’t the “magic bullet” many thought it would be.

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