Video: Brighton pile further punishment on Arsenal as top-four chances dwindle away

Arsenal now have a mountain to climb after Brighton took a 2-0 lead at the Emirates, leaving Arsenal just 20 minutes to claw the two-goal deficit back.

The Gunners have not been at their best today, and will likely blame their injured list for their struggles, but none of our rivals will care about the excuses.

Brighton have now punished us with two great strikes with our players failing to put pressure on our rivals, but there can be little complaint about the strike.

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  1. Ramsdale was performing heroics .I dont blame him .Perhaps the defence as a unit are not so solid after all.
    White and Gabriel of late have not perforned at the desired level.
    When Brighton score,there were gaps.Arsenal im contrast try to thread a needle and were easily stifled .
    I have seriousdoubt Arsenal can get 4th

    1. I have said before we paid too much for White and Odergaard is not suited to the rigors of the prem.

  2. Xhaka at left back says it all really.

    Waited until the last 10 minutes to play with some urgency, and it was exciting, but alas Sanchez made a great save on Eddie, damn.

    Still say 6-8th give Arteta his walking papers!

    If we have play Europa with this sqaud we will never get back to contending for Leauge or a CL spot.

    1. It stank to me of the players trying to prove a point that they dont like the way we play. There was a tepid effort for 90 minutes, then when it was too late, they let the shackles off!!!!!!

  3. Same crap, different toilet…

    How many times have we been here over the past decade or so? This is the Arsenal we have all come know! MA is tactically inept and today’s result highlights the need for a proven manager! With no cup ties to play we should as fit as fiddles? This team shown little energy or desire. Even when they have a great opportunity to compete in the CL next season, they just can’t rise to the occasion!

    1. Well said GunneRay what’s clear is Arteta is massively out of his depth! They thought they were being clever in January by offloading a squad full of players and now it’s coming back to haunt them. How many times are we gonna watch this same script season after season after season.

  4. A total an utter embarrassment from the players and the manager. We are now seeing what a few of us have seen for a while, our manager isnt good enough and his style of play is stifling to our players. WHAT TACTICS WERE THEY TODAY. A total shambles. Not for the first time, our build up play is slow, predictable and fruitless. I think the talk of a new contract for Arteta was proved very premature and wrong. We are going nowhere and flatter to deceive on many occasions.

    1. Yeah Reggie but with our owners they will press ahead with a new contract no matter where we finish.

  5. playing like this, we’ll be lucky to get into europe, let alone UCL

    To MA and Edu – bet you wished you signed some players in January now

    1. Or handled Auba, Gouendouzi, Saliba, Torriera, Bellerin, and Kolasinac different. All players that would have made the squad stronger. I still dont get his treatment of Pepe either. His man management is questionable and even more so if his choice of players cant do any better.

  6. We had Maitland Niles – an England international who could play at left wing back and still on the books playing for Mourinho of all people who could have covered for Tierney.
    Knowing we had a paper thin squad we also had an opportunity to strengthen the squad earlier in the year which he failed to take.
    Not to mention once again playing a midfielder who has been proven to be a useless left back once again.
    All down to him but hey ho its too late for all of that now.
    Really disappointing…

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