Video – Brilliant Chambers Martinelli combination puts Arsenal one up

Arsenal have gone 1-0 up against Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup following a brilliant link-up between Calum Chambers and Gabriel Martinelli

Arsenal played the ball around looking for the opening and then the ball came to Chambers on the edge of the area who volleyed it straight on to the head of Martinelli.

It was a genuine pass from Chambers because he did it with the side of his foot, it was not an attempt at goal and Martinelli finished it off beautifully.

Chambers is starting to grow into the right-back role.


  1. Great goal from Martinelli. Great from all the Arsenal players first half. Forest playing into our hands to a large degree, but Arsenal also brimming with confidence. Tierney & Chambers look good at fullback positions, creating lots of chances for us. Ozil, controlling midfield well, Nelson looks more confident. Shame about ESR, hope it’s not a long layoff for him. Kid can’t catch a break recently.

  2. Good first half great stream thanks admin.
    Arsenal could be 4-1 up.
    Steady play all round but 1-0 won’t be enough
    Tierney providing a real LB has been sound.
    However everyone has looked sound.
    Game could go either way still
    Really need that second goal

  3. The first half is what you get when you don’t have Xhaka and our EPL back 4.

    I was so surprised that I asked someone if we are watching Arsenal game or Liverpool game.

    I know is Nottingham Forest but yet, they will still pressurise us with those back 4 and Xhaka in it.

    Tierney is really a baller.
    Emery give Martinelli a chance, the boy is ready to take his chances.

  4. That was a great goal! Chambers is having a great game. It’s such a pleasure seeing Ozil linking those passes left, right and center. Martinelli is one to watch really. Nelson doing good. Tierney looking sharp.

  5. Also Willock and Torreira look so great together. Such steel in front of the back four. Ozil in front of them to link the ball to the front. That’s just perfect.

  6. The future is great if entrusted in good hands.
    I can’t remember when last I enjoyed our match as the ongoing one.

  7. Wow, the moment arsenal scored number four was the moment spurs missed their penalty in the shootout and eventually their game

  8. This is what a team should look like. Not playing some bunch of lazy assed boys or rather men. For those saying its wrong to boo an under performer, if they play like these lads, nobody will boo them. They need the boos.. I think the boos promted emery to sit Mustafi on the bench Now I think he’s stepping up.

    We will keep the boos coming and louder on under performers.


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