Video: Cedric mistake gives Spurs the lead in the NLD

Tottenham have moved 1-0 up in this evening’s North London Derby clash with Arsenal, with Cedric’s mistake gifting Harry Kane the chance from the penalty spot.

The goal means that the home side now sit just one point below us in the Premier League table with two more matches to play should the scoreline stay as it is, but with plenty of minutes still on the clock, I wouldn’t be convinced that this game doesn’t have more twists in the tail.

It seemed a soft penalty to me, but there is little point in dwelling on that right now with focus needed to get ourselves back into this one.


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  1. A bit of pressure and they fold completely. These are the games that define you. Arsenal will be seen as bottlers…
    Holding is a f**king disgrace. I hope he never pulls the shirt on again.
    As for Europa League I would rather finish eighth…

  2. I don’t know if everybody at Arsenal realises this season was their last shot at reaching the top 4.

    With Newcastle as the richest club in the Prem, manure strengthening and Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool unmovable from the top 4, I don’t see how this squad, even if strengthened can compete with them.

    Arteta was wrong to play Holding after that yellow card. The guy had red written all over him from his first incident with Son.

    Thank you, Arteta and Holding for Emerying up Arsenal once again.

    I’m fully ready to enjoy the fight for Europa League with scum, West Ham and whoever feels like it in decades to come. Starting tonight, Champions League is nothing more than a pipe dream, just like winning the title.

    And to whoever here thinks this squad is capable of winning against Newcastle away, when the expectations are high, I ask you to refer to the latest NLD to see why that’s impossible and I ask you to refer to games against Crystal Palace, Brighton and Soton. Those were the games that had high expectations written all over them. Games against Chelsea, manure and West Ham weren’t, they were loseable.

    We now have definite proof that this squad folds under pressure. It’s ok, they’re young and they’ll only get better. Too bad that their best would help them reach 6th in the Prem.

    1. This is a really odd entry. Are you suggesting that Arteta should have replaced Holding after he picked up a yellow card? When he had no fit central defenders on the bench??
      I disagree that the team folded. Certainly, some players did not keep their heads. However, that was not true of the whole team.

  3. okay, so you are really angry and I get that. They also just went through a good spell winning the exact type of game you said they can’t over the last while (and yes they were poor before that). They still have a point on Spurs and the funny thing about sports is that the points don’t get awarded til the game is played. It isn’t over just yet. Spurs have turned up poor by times as well.

    But I do agree that this is the best chance for CL – and maybe next year too as it may take Newcastle time to gel and MU has a lot of work to do (money can’t fix everything). The window is narrow…

  4. We will win both remaining games.
    Trust in Arteta and his process.

    Spurs, feast on the Europa league, full stop!

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