Video – Cedric Soares first interview as an Arsenal player

Cedric Soares has officially signed for Arsenal on a six-month loan

Southampton defender Cedric Soares has completed his loan move to Arsenal and already his first interview as a Gunner has been posted up on the official Arsenal Youtube page.

As with Pablo Mari I will not give any spoilers and let you watch the video for yourselves.

The 28-year-old brings Premier League experience to the defence and will be competing with Hector Bellerin for the right-back squad.

This signing adds depth to the team and provides Mikel Arteta with more options as he attempts to shore up the leaking defence.

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  1. He looks cheerful and really happy to join Arsenal

    Unfortunately he can only be back to training after two weeks, then there will be recovery and adjustment period. I think we could only see him play after one month

  2. I think that’s a good thing tbh. He can find his feet around the club first and also settle into his new surroundings outside the club!

    I hope he brings everything we need to get our defence sorted along with Mari. God knows this defence needs a shake up as well as more competition for places!! 🙂

  3. I see what Arteta is trying to do, putting energy into the team and now AMN can get a run in the middle of the park. Cabellos will soon take the AM roll from Ozil. Better days ahead. Welcome home Cedric

    1. I don’t see Ceballos as an AM at all let alone a No10. He seems more of a Central Midfielder.The issue is we just haven’t seen enough of him to tell not only where he is comfortable to play but more importantly what he can bring to the team.A single stand out performance at home to Burnley is not enough IMO

  4. Back to the topic – I never realised he was close to joining us two years ago…looks as if we were trying to strengthen the defence back then doesn’t it?

    Wonder why that deal fell through and how many others that we, as fans, are unaware of (well me anyway)? This would have put it under gazidis and the new regime he boasted of, so probably penny pinching again.

    He seems very genuine and knows how to get fans on his side straight away – just hope this injury doesn’t turn out to be a kalstrom/suarez type of embarrassment for the club.

    All being well, another brick in the wall that MA is starting to address – it seems kronkie is supporting him I would suggest?

    1. Loaning players is hardly a glittering support, but still if you want to add that to kronke good deeds for the club who am I to argue.

      1. Mohsan, I didn’t say it was a good deed did I?

        It was an observation and one that should be made, doesn’t mean I want him to be our owner…just trying to see another side of the coin and you actually agree…”We definitely need cover for Bellerin ” – and MA has sanctioned the deal.

        1. Hey Ken, I think that came out wrong mate, I agree that MA is taking the right steps n making right choices. I am one of his big supporters but when I see these loan moves of bang avg players it forces me to think he will not be supported finencially the way he should be because they are a lot of holes in this team to be filled n they should be filled with quality not quantity.

          1. Moshan, I think we all want MA to succeed and your worries concerning gazidis I fully support.

            We know he will never be a abramovitch ot own an oil rich company and he has stated he wants our club to be self sufficient…so I guess I’m looking at it this way, let MA get what he can from kronkie and work with the squad to become successful – along the lines of Leicester when they won the premiership.

            Spending mega bucks doesn’t necessarily mean success, but having a great young coach with everything to prove seems to be working well so far.

      1. Who knows Reggie, MA certainly doesn’t think so does he?

        OT I did my vera detective work after your comments Reggie, regarding me putting words into other peoples mouths.

        Article: Latest Pablo Mari update – deal still very much on…dated 28/1…following on from a post by Ojee a reply by yourself at 10.30 pm appears, something I said had happened that you denied – just to put the record straight between you and me lol.

          1. Ken let me put you straight. KENS WORDS, Arteta would not have joined Arsenal without guarantees of being given money to strengthen this jan. MY WORDS, we have no money to sign players this winter, it will impact the summer spending. I still say ken we wont sign players this window. Now to win your little “wager” if you include two loan signings as your proof you were right in your statement then, YOU WIN. How much do i owe you ken, can i loan it to you and you can give me it back in the summer, when we might actually sign some players, when we have sold some.

          2. Reggie, you haven’t even taken the time to check have you?

            What your quoting is something different, which I accepted and agreed with you about- permanent signings.

            The article that you said I waz putting words into othef people mouths is the one I referred to ans which you have no recollection of being involved in.

            Just take the time to check out what you actually said and what you then denied saying – it’s really simple Reggie, even I was able to do my “vera” on it to prove it happened.

            Ive even given you the reference points, but bulling yourself up on another subject seems to be the way out for you.

            As a further observation Reggie, Arteta has been given money to sign new players albeit on loan, something it now seems you didnt actually say in your post…if your words are correct and which I have no reason to doubt – so a win win for good old vera and me, plus MA has been able to strengthen his squad with money.

            Looking forward to you reply once you have checked out your own post- all references supllied for easy access.

          3. Ken, you talk with fork tongue. You twist things to suit and you cant take being even slightly wrong. I really haven’t got a clue what you are referring too and the point of all this is, what! Ken, you tried to make out that i was wrong when i said we had no money, you tried to make out what i was saying was rubbish. To try to back up your put down to me, you are actually making out, i was wrong andxyou was right because we have signed two players on loan deals. Just please ask yourself, why have we signed two underwhelming loan deals. The answer is we, like i said have no money. Dont try and justify your jibe at me with the two signings we have made. They are loans, which i did say we might sign. The rest you are saying is just flannel.

          4. You will learn about Ken and how he works, Reggie, just as I learned, but only after wasting many posts debating with him. He is a fine person but has strange and intractable AFC obsessions and I will leave it there.

          5. Reggie, still not had time to look at the post you denied sending, while accusing me of putting words into other peoples mouths then?

            When someone tries to accuse me of doing or saying something that I haven’t done, I check to see if I have made a mistake – on the post I asked you to check, I am correct and you are 100% wrong, so why not look back and admit it, because its there in black and white?
            Now if you want to carry on denying this, that’s up to you. The waffle is coming from you, in that you are trying to hide one fact behind another that has already been resolved by me agreeing with you.

            As for the OTHER part of this debate, look at what you wrote when saying “KENS WORDS” and “MY WORDS”, which I accept as being correct as quoted…”we have no money to sign players this winter, it will impact the summer spending”.
            No mention of loan signings there – but I had already accepted your argument that loan deals are not permanent deals anyway, despite them costing the club money that you said we didn’t have, so what point you are trying to make I don’t understand.

            The only rubbish going on here, is that you will not accept that you made a comment regarding Ojees post, that you later denied/forgot you had so done and accused me of putting words into other peoples mouths – something that you now seem to think I should accept, while not even bothering to go and check the link I gave you.
            If seemingly now, you don’t know what this is all about and cant be bothered to check, it’s about accusing someone of putting words into someone else’s mouth and then denying it.

            You and I both know what this was about and I can’t be bothered any more.

          6. Jon, I take GREAT EXCEPTION to this post – knce again you come in with your views, when I deliberately left you out of the debate.

            So Jon, why dont YOU go back and check the post in which YOU tried to belittle Ojees comment?

            As a so called “realist and seeeker of truth and justice” I’ll give you the details:

            28/1 latestPablo Mari update – deal still very much alive – timing at approximately 10.30.


            As you have decided to come in, lets see if you have the decency to check the details out, instead of just leaving it there.

            1. @Reggie @jonfox @Ken1945 I am monitoring this now, if I am required to check anything to settle this for you all then I will do no problem. However, try not to let passions get out of hand, the comments of the article have been totally derailed with this “discussion” and I do not want to close it and ban this on other threads. Keep it civil and I will not interfere. Take this in a very friendly manner please and I am not passing judgement or giving an opinion on any individual here.

          7. Martin, I would be more than happy to let you check out the post in what is now becoming a very personal thing regarding a slur on my character.
            I understand this is probably boring to everyone else, but I am really upset with Jons remarks and ask you to clarify the situation.

            I know you can check back regarding when I was accused of putting words into otber peoples mouths and who said what following Ojees post.

            That is where this started and why JF had to get involved I have no idea, so as far as I am concerned please check this out.
            You do, of course, have the information required from my posts to do this.

            1. Are we talking about the Comments from post “Latest Pablo Mari update – deal still very much alive”

            1. Then I simply cannot see the issue,

              Comments from post Latest Pablo Mari update – deal still very much alive

              Comments from Ojee, Ken1945, Reggie and Jon Fox the following took place in chronological order.

              I heard Arsenal have a deal in place worth £30m for Ukrainian Mykola Matviyenko… if Pablo Mari deal collapse

              jon fox
              Which charletan fortune teller did you hear that from!

              Ha ha ha.

              I saw that as well Ojee and it came from his club in an official statement, with Arsenal deciding whether to complete or not before the transfer deadline…It was on youtube by the way.

        1. Ken as usual you are twisting it again, if there was a slur it was on me made by you. You keep quoting a post by whoever. It is not about that post, it is about the snide comments about me and how what i said about no signings. You plainly said to me, i was wrong and that you had read we had a deal in place to sign maviyenko and that it was going to happen and i would basically be proved wrong because that deal was happening. I have plainly writen in previous posts we may get loans in, which you say, i haven’t and you are trying to cover up the fact you tried to belittle me by saying we were going to sign maviyenko and because we haven’t because i was right, we haven’t any money, you think proving me wrong by saying you told me/us we have signed two players ( on loan ) makes me look foolish and you right. Ken the truth is as far as i am concerned this is over, the window is over and quite honestly in the great scheme, it doesn’t matter. Admin please all i ask of you is can you look back at my posts and see how many times, i have said we would sign loan players and just let us/me know im not lying. If it is easy to do fine, if its too much trouble, dont bother. Thanks anyway. It is trivial.

          1. Admin, please also detail when I said to Reggie that we were definitely going to sign maviyenko, as this is also wrong.

            No one has disputed Reggie saying we would make loan signings either, so thats another red herring.

            What may seem trivial to Reggie is not the case for me I can assure you.

            1. I cannot find any reference to that comment going back to the 1st Jan. There is a caveat. Posts have been deleted by me on occasions and I used various spellings of the players’ name in the search, however, you may have spelt it differently, it is a name that has been spelt many different ways on this site.

          2. Reggie – 2020/01/29 at 7:23 pm

            I will also add, if we get in two loan deals, nobody will come in on a permanent deal.

            Reggie – 2020/01/27 at 2:57 pm

            We have no money to spend, we are trying to get in loan signings and obviously the terms of transfer wasn’t discussed in full until now. Flamengo thought we were buying him outright and we dont want to commit to that until at least the summer. It will sort itself out one way or another.

          3. Thank you Martin, this was important to me – becaùse it bàcks up both my claims, firstly at no time have I made any snide remarks about Reggies views regarding loan, permanent or any other kind of signingsand secondly that both he and JF made snide comments regarding Ojees post.

            It was the “putting words into other people’s mouth” that annoyed me, especially when JF waded in with his unhelpful and completely unwarranted post. Perhaps as a realist Jon, you might like to apologise to Ojee, especially as admin produced the article that backed up his innocent comment that you, as usual, tried to ridicule.

            As far as I am concerned this matter is now closed regarding Reggie and I certainly don’t expect Jon Fox to reply to his post at 6.12 pm. with an apology – thank you for investigating right back to the 1st January, especially as I have been a pain in the backside to you on previous occasions!!!

            1. I take no sides in this just providing the info as requested. I also pass no judgement on anyone, hopefully, this particular discussion will now slow down and cease.

  5. We definitely need cover for bellerin who is always in treatment room regardless of that I think we should sell bellerin in summer n buy another good RB. When it comes to defending both Bellerin n Kola are weak. In a defence already struggling both our full backs are liability.

  6. After only a few weeks in charge Arteta has already taken measures to strengthen the defence which has been our ‘Achilles Heel’ for the past 5 years or more. I am now more than convinced we have the right man to take us forward again, the future looks bright.

    1. Has he strengthened it? Are you being serious, funny or biased. Not knocking Arteta, i just dont think we have “strengthened” at all. I really dont see the point of these loan signings, i dont actually think they will play, which will be par for the course for our loan signings.

  7. I don’t like the direction in which this club is going, we are looking for cheap solutions all the time but now actually we have gone 1 step further we are not even buying cheap players we are just taking them on loan. Before ppl start giving example of James rodri loaned by Bayern they need to remember he was tagged as world class player n he was a Madrid player n damn good one. He just didn’t get chance in Madrid because if the star studded lineup they have that’s very different to loaning a player from some below avg league or bottom half table club that too players who are avg at best.

      1. So you are telling me now Southampton is a top club. You need to look at their record for years n not this year where everyone is struggling. By your logic we are bottom half small club. N second Martenlli is good but it’s a very short period to judge him. Remember Pato of AC Milan…players can only be called world class if they perform consistently well over a big stretch of period. Football is full of 1 season 2 season wonders…then flopping big time. So you can not use Martenlli as an example. Another point you forget is martinelli is young n start of his career where as Mari is in middle of it. If he was such a big talent why is he playing in Brazilian league?

        1. Jesus will you guys stop using these cookie cutter statements of judgement ” if
          X person is that good how come hes playing in Y league” that’s crap isnt accurate in modern football, great signings can come from any team, plenty of good players have come from Brazilian leagues who are you to judge that league? Or any player you have barely watched for that matter

          1. Then you guys should stop complaining when we get stuck with players like mustafi, sonogoo n others. Why do fans complain that team is not good enough, we don’t have quality, we need to get rid of X player n y player. There is a reason why players want to play in big leagues n big competitions because it’s more competitive n a player’s ability is tested more.

          2. @mohsan your last comment doesn’t even make sense… the point is your complaining about signings before they have even kicked a ball for us, if a player doesn’t perform well consistently while playing for arsenal your well within your rights to speak out but dont make an opinion on a player you haven’t even seen play just because he plays for a smaller side or a in a weaker league its ludicrous.

  8. He was a big part of Portugal winning the Euro’s and another player in the 27+ bracket I been harping on another a few weeks back that we need, and now we have 2 in the space of a week.
    I dont want to sound smug but what i feel we need, we seem to be getting.

    This one is a clever signing because it gives him the rest of the season to prove himself before we can sign him on the free.

    Depth, quality and desire to play for AFC is what we need.

  9. You have a loan player in Ceballos that they hardly feature due to the fact that you want the club players to gel but we are still buying players on loan.

    1. Emma, the differnce is that Cebs came purely on a one season loan, with no added clause for an opportunity to buy.

      On the other hand, both of our latest loan signings have a clause, or so it is reported, that we have the opportunity to buy, with one at an agreed price and the other as first choice.

      Cebs has already indicated that he wants to return to madrid, while our two new players are saying the complete opposite.

      I think MA will work harder with the latter players than with Cebs, in order to decide if he will take up those options.

        1. Have I said we did?
          More misleading, silly remarks that have nothing to do with what I said – just simple BS.

  10. There will be some that are never pleased but I don’t think it’s bad business to use the loan system to shore up squad depth. I was worried that the new training and demand for higher pressing and paced game may expose further injury risk to the team so this goes a way to mitigating. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new lads get on and if we can start chalking up wins going forward now. I can’t take many more draws or loses it puts me in a bad mood for about two days a time.

  11. I like MA’s way of thinking.No matter how good you are at a position,if its not your natural position,dont play him there.He was helpless earlier but now hes got backup.


  12. OT: just read the interview Emery gave to marca, he blames the bad atmosphere saying the fans threw him under the bus,the ozil situation, Pepe not being given time, the captains situation…you have to read it!

    1. The article has been done and is scheduled for later today. Spreading them out so not too many in one go

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