Video: Check out Arsenal’s nominees for September’s Goal of the Month award

Arsenal continued their fine start to the new season with another fine month of goals, despite the brief disruption to September’s schedule.

The Gunners Men’s and Women’s sides were both in fine form, with both sitting pretty at the top of their respective tables, and that confidence has brought some fine goals to view also.

Fabio Vieira scored on his full debut for the club, a fine effort in off the post, while another summer signing in Marquinhos also scored on his full debut in the Europa League also, although the former’s effort is likely to be higher in the voting in my opinion.

Which goal will be getting your vote for September?


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  1. Though I passionately believe in equality, I see no true comparison between womens and mens football , and so we need two goal of the month awards, one for women and one for men.

    You should never compare two very different sports which, in essence, they are!
    For a start, the huge difference in goalkeeping standards betwen mens and womens football make any attempt at a TRUE comparison in goals, RISIBLE!

    1. Exactly, jon fox … we want to see the goal of the month for women different from that of men …

      There is absolutely no need to lump them together … saying so is not about sexism or any other isms. It’s just practical logic

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