Video: Chelsea double their lead but you have to look at Kieran Tierney

Chelsea are now 2-0 up thanks to Reece James being gifted too much space down their right-hand side.

For the opening goal, James found himself all on his own with plenty of time to pick out Romelu Lukaku inside the box, and the same wing-back is once again gifted all the time in the world, only this time he finishes it himself.

Kieran Tierney is usually on point in this domain, but has to be blamed as at fault on both occasions, and is surely in for a dressing down at half-time.

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We’re in for a rough ride this afternoon, and I’m struggling to see where we are going to get any joy out of this one. Hopefully Aubameyang can play the entire second-half and bring some magic.


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  1. Everyone keeps on praising Tierney, but he is not doing his job one bit. I have seen it from last season and it is the same thing this season. First and foremost Tierney need to do his defensive duty and stop relying on saka to cover for him. poor。very poor. This Arsenal team sicks my stomach. especially how they are set up. The team need a complete defensive midfielder and not some fancy looking guy who can pass the ball and look good on camera. I am sick to my stomach watching this pile of garbage.

    1. Dangerous to criticise Tierney as he’s a fan favourite as he creates a lot. But poor in attack today and clueless defender always has been. Commitment on its own isn’t enough. I’m with you kori, although this is half our first team, so I’m not as down as you.

    2. Thats utterly bullshit. that ball started from the right where two arsenal players were and was crossed through the middle towards the goal scorer. Even before the ball reached the goal scorer some Arsenal players were ball watching. Stop blaming our player without supporting you facts , by justifying what is unjustifiable.

  2. Same tactical errors….
    Some players re not at their best e.g saka tierney ……like they neva had a pre season.

    Hopefully we get back strong against not so well amoured teams.

    The most painful thing is that dis situation wont be a same old story….its going to be worse….maybe 12th position dis season. Except a🤔

    Che vs liv will be something to watch

  3. As I keep saying, Tierney is postionally a very poor defender. Mari is simply an awful defender. Felt sorry for Holding. Lokonga and ESR superb. Sakha good. Pepe DOESNT WORK in this team. Slows it down, passes back more that Xhaka. Martinelli invisible – he is either too inexperienced to take up good positions yet or teammates aren’t good enough to find him, I suspect both.
    Not as bad as it sounds, some good stuff there with half the team out but Lukaku vs Mari has lost us the game on its own. Oh and another friendly ref.

  4. We have to take these performances at face value and be critical of the tactics and the system of play that Arteta has implemented. Arsenal are not playing well because the system does not work for the players within the squad.

    1. Incliined to criticise inexperienced players and half team out more than the tactics. We had opportunities just didnt execute. Chelsea ruthless. This wasn’t a hopeless performance for me (first half at least)

  5. NOT OFTEN I AGREE WITH PATRICK. This time about Tierney I do 100%. Dreadful positioning and completely unaware of danger outside him for both goals.
    We are missing some of our top players though and I know that will not be takeninto account by those who constantly criticise on here.


  6. The same fans without reaction to what happens at this club every year.The same mediocrity at this club every year.An amateur leadership,a visible second coach,headless transfers.kroenke out,edu out,arteta out!

  7. I would not blame KT alone for 2nd goal. It started by amateur pressing from Cedric and Sambi, to walking defense, Saka, and Xhaka.
    Defense is a team job, currently, Arsenal looks like a group of people who met today , and after introductions, they decided to make a football team and face Chelsea, no organization at all!

    1. Thats utterly bullshit. that ball started from the right where two arsenal players were and was crossed through the middle towards the goal scorer. Even before the ball reached the goal scorer Holding and Mari were ball watching and should have attacked that ball. Stop blaming our player without supporting your facts , by justifying what is unjustifiable. Tierney is the only player in our team capable of playing his heart out.

  8. I also think Saka is not yet fully fit and left Tieney with too much to do.
    We played a very good Chelsea team today and I still believe that once everyone is over covid, we will gradually compete for at least a top 6 position.
    Remember the other teams will also start dropping points too.

  9. Lay off Tierney, stop criticizing him. If he was playing under Brendan Roger instructions, we would be seeing a beast of a player out there.
    Arteta has to go, he is clueless. Arsenal should have remove him when conte became available before the transfer window open and he still free, best to rectify that mistake now and get him in

  10. Dont be silly, Tierney is playing to instructions and a dysfunctional system. He cant be our best attacker and get back every time to stop everything, someone has to cover for his attacks, he aint superman. Tierney is a top footballer, dont try stupidly to make him a scapegoat for poor tactics.

  11. Bukayo and Granit made Kieran look really bad today. Especially Bukayo, Kieran got absolutely no help from him at all. I doubt Bukayo fitness levels for the game today.

  12. KT had to mark the winger not the wing back which could’ve marked by the left attacking midfielder(Saka).We could’ve done better if we matched their 343 system.

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