Video: City make it five as Arsenal’s woes continue

Manchester City have scored a fifth goal at the Etihad today, making it 5-0 against Arsenal.

It was a neat cross from Riyad Mahrez to find Ferran Torres in the box, but as usual, our defence should have done better.

This viewing has literally given me a headache watching, and I must be a glutton for punishment as I continue to put myself through this performance.

Pictures courtesy of Canal+ Sport

Not that we needed any reminding, but it was exactly 10 years to the day that we suffered a record 8-2 defeat at the hands of Man United, and I almost feel like we deserve to be losing by more than we did that day.


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  1. Rock bottom of the EPL! Another new record! MA is doing so well with records, accept none of them are good!

  2. What kind of future is the management building with this kind of demoralizing display?

    Dear MA, you are not only destroying Arsenal, but also destroying your future and reputation.

  3. If Conte is willing to take over they need to do it right now to give him the international break to start something.

    1. Who would take this job now after the club have spent 130m and not improved enough?

      The fact is, there are still at least six players at the club that should not be there and yet they play week in week out!?

  4. An owner you doesn’t care about Arsenal or even understand football

    Huge inexperience on the board, and technical director

    Inexperienced manager

    And a largely inexperienced squad

    What experienced players we do have, are a joke as well

    By all means, have a go at Arteta, but the club is a mess

  5. Arsenal’s reality:
    Matches played – 3
    Win – 0
    Lose – 3
    Goal for – 0
    Goal against – 8
    Goal difference – -8
    Position – 20 we have finally turned to a relegation struggler. So pathetic 🥺.

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