Video Classic Tottenham 4-5 Arsenal 2004 – Martin Jol’s first game goes crazy

Here is yet another classic game from Arsenal’s history. This looked like a normal game despite it being Martin Jol’s first game in charge of Tottenham, with Naybet putting Spurs in front after 37 minutes, and Thierry Henry getting the equaliser just before the half-time whistle to put the Gunners back in the game.

But the second half exploded, with Lauren putting Arsenal ahead from the spot. With half an hour left, Vieira gave us a cushion, but Defoe hit back within a minute to give Tottenham a little hope.

It just got crazier after that!

Tottenham: Robinson, Pamarot, Naybet, King, Edman, Pedro Mendes (Davies 68), Brown (Kanoute 76), Carrick, Ziegler, Keane (Gardner 90), Defoe.

Arsenal: Lehmann, Lauren, Toure, Cygan, Cole, Ljungberg, Vieira, Fabregas, Reyes (Pires 68), Bergkamp (Van Persie 82), Henry.



  1. Crazy game!! I know he didn’t score in this particular game, but one thing I couldn’t stand about Robbie Keane was that stupid roly poly celebration of his!!!

  2. Can’t believe Easter is here already… hope everyone has a healthy (& happy if possible) weekend… My youngest daughter turns 15 on Sunday, told her she’ll never have another Birthday like this again!!!
    Had a letter through the post from my 2 little Grandkids… awww 😊 so weird not seeing them….. keep well everyone!

    Keep the Arsenal games coming, Pat 👍

    1. Sue, you and grandchildren!?!?!?!? It’ll cost you a fortune taking them to watch The Arsenal – but if that’s what private education is all about, we must carry the burden with a smile.
      Don’t want them ending up as little spudulikes that’s for sure!!

      With all these great memories from Pat, perhaps the fan base will become more positive about our past – a glass half full etc etc?

      1. They’re 5 and 3, Ken.. my grandson will end up being a Manc… not sure which though as my daughter is City.. her husband is United.. ewww!! He (grandson) likes watching Arsenal with me though on the tv, as well as with my youngest son, so there’s a glimmer of hope haha!! Keep telling him London is closer than Manchester!! I doubt my granddaughter will be bothered!
        Oh good god no, spuds are banned!! Although my son in law enjoys watching them on the tv!!! Can you believe it?!! 😆 My daughter informs my grandson that “Nanny doesn’t like the team in white” 😄

        I’m loving watching these clips, Ken…
        Filling the void, hey?! 👍Let’s hope it does!

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