Video: Daniel Podence amazing skill to put Wolves ahead again

Daniel Podence has put his Wolves side back ahead with a sublime instinctive move.

The 25 year-old has finished off a fine team move which saw Adama Traore dribbling his way up the field, before setting Neto through for the shot.

The goalkeeper Leno did well to save the shot after it deflected off the defender on the way through, but Podence amazing instincts see him skip ahead of the defenders to flick into space and nail home.


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  1. Arteta has himself to blame. He shot himself in the led. Arteta is yielding the results of mistreating Ozil and Guendouzi in favor of rubbish players like Willock, Neilson, Ceballos and Nketiah.

    1. not at all, Willock is a great player and ceballos can be way better if you only play them in their position and not expect ceballos to become a DM which is none, both on bench instead to start ;Elneny and Niles. But of course Arteta is dumber than dumber and will never be a top nor coach after this display.

      iwe are 14th in table, conceid one and we 15th!

      Hourra Arteta !

  2. i wont compare nor name a legend and a coach in his first year but indeed he is simply laim and has no carreer after he gets fired as an ignorant man he is to take such a team and club with zero coach experience beyond our dumboard, & owner who tried and have best Arsenal team but saving on a coach, not working no sense. We no rookie team & club, he must go learn and experiment his non sense elsewhere!

  3. hopefully with Luiz in blood, he will be forced to bring Holding and save us from a bad beating!

    Look at Luiz on both goals, Bellerin saving us to conceid filling Luiz hole then poor gabriel alone twice after crossbar, no Luiz around!

    Enough with Arteta non sense!

    1. Sorry I know Gabriel is golden boy and I’m as big a fan as anyone but that second goal was on him. Yes Luiz was a statue but if Gabriel stays on his feet he likely snuffs out the danger. Rash challenge and would have been a penalty if not for some sublime skill from Podence.

  4. plays Luiz as CB puts a hole, then no DM minded player infront of him, where are elneny and Niles? Xhaka and Ceballos supposed to replace them or Willock alone? Wt heck!

  5. makes a difference with Holding and of course finally Nelson coming for Willian. We still miss a DM, change Ceballos for Niles ages ago!

  6. was gonna suggest to bring on Laca but with Niles as well for Balance..

    Lets hope boyz get a point!. They on their own!

  7. I will keep saying it, we don’t have quality in midfield, it is just terrible that we can’t seem to breakdown teams game after game, absolutely terrible.

  8. i guess we couldnt turn it around in such short time in an overall game.

    Thankfully Holding came in as Laca and unfortunatly all game long we played with no real DM pair who are Eleneny & Niles when Partey is out!

    Arteta will blame players again; no, they were brave but when starting game with Luuz and Willian to bench Holding and Nelson; it is wrong.

    If Partey is out and Elneny showed strengh as DM pair together, Elneny should be played with Niles for Partey, being amore defensive minded player.

    Arteta showed how limited he was, and you cant worst than this.

    Midfield with attacking midfield players ; Willock Ceballos and Xhaka; it can not be any balance, need at least one DM, two really. Nuts!

    willian Luiz Ceballos mania cost us, he ne plays them to get support in locker room!

  9. Dear Fans, Arteta needs our support, however he must take responsibility . He had the momentum going after FA Cup and Charity shield . He messed up by selling an improved Goal keeper and not signing a replacement for Ozil. 2 mistakes are haunting him now. Leno is prone to errors and not comfortable with handling balls. Please Arteta swallow your pride change the Goal keeper and bring back Ozil and your Job will be safe .

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