Video: David Luiz full of excuses about his woeful performance

Sometimes you will get far more respect if you just hold your hands up, admit you had a bad day, apologise to the fans and say you will do better next time, but not David Luiz, he is just full of excuses.

Luiz gave away a clear penalty and not even diehard Arsenal fans will say otherwise but according to Luiz it is all a matter of interpretation.

As for being spun like a spinning top by Mo Salah, the Brazilian puts that down to having already picked up a yellow card and could not risk committing another foul, no mention of the fact that he was far too close to the Liverpool forward almost on the bloody halfway line.

Anyway, here is the official video of Luiz being interviewed on Sky Sports, who kindly allow us to share via YouTube.


    1. Honestly, I don’t understand the reason behind buying error-prone defender- Luiz… The greatest loophole in the squad. He needs to get out of that club, if not Arsenal will not even qualify for Europa this season.. true fact. Oh, nooo. My Arsenal… Always giving fans high blood pressure…

      1. Also, the chicken head coach was clueless in his selection. Benched Alexandre Lacazette, Lucas Torreira instead of having a strong sensible and decent squad to challenge the tactical pace of Liverpool. One, I did not see any reason for starting Dani Ceballos, Nicolas Pepe and Granit Xhaka. They slow the game, making mistakes and not pacy. I think Pepe should have come as a substitute for Laca or Aubam. This s Classico na, abi… Rubbish selection.

  1. Even with Liverpool pressing high up them they still want to play from the back everytime and give the ball away at dangerous areas near the box.

  2. Why blame the players? Its all due to Emery and his philosophy…Last week LFC were sweating to score against Southampton..This week Arsenal’s ‘come and score’game plan made everything easy for them. How many chances they got near the box..How many errors near the box in an attempt to hold the ball..Will any manager in this universe choose such a suicidal game plan against LFC?

    1. Wenger would do better with those players. Always playing from the back and giving the ball away around even when Liverpool are pressing high up.

  3. … and just when you thought our defence couldn’t get any worse – Real Sociedad want to sign Nacho!

    This would probably mean that the totally useless Kolasinac would start at left back. In other words “Hey Spuds, next Sunday is your freakin’ birthday – we’re going to play a clueless dud at left back, enjoy.”

    Quick and easy band aid type solution – strip Xhaka of the captaincy, give it to Monreal and tell R Sociedad they can have Nacho at the end of the season (when Tierney should be well up to taking Nacho’s place).

  4. Right time to sack Emery…not because we lost a game despite hefty spending…But the way we lost…He is clueless…Experimenting players…Soon we can see Pepe or Ceballos in goal post and Luiz upfront… If he continues this philosophy throughout this season….Especially the way Arsenal deals goal kicks . I bet …we wont make top 6 either….So either he change game plan or quit Arsenal ASAP

    1. I completely agree, is the right time to sack Emery. I’ve had enough. Second season and still needs to experiment with the team. Tottenham went to city and got s draw and we can’t even hope for a decent loss at Liverpool. Horrible coach. We should not blame the players on this loss.

  5. Still can’t get over Emery’s unforgivable selection and formation.
    Just can’t wait for the weekend to come by let’s see what’s going to happen with Spurs at home.
    Anything other than a win or draw will be very detrimental to our season.

    Since he can’t do without Xhaka please don’t bench Lacazette and Torreira again please.
    Let Aubameyang play on the wings he has accepted to play there

  6. Now the whole focus should be on the Manager. Emery is a very strange and frustrating manager.He is naive and stubborn. Who would say he knows what our manager is trying to do ie his type of play, his tactics, his management style etc? He is a joke. We have lost our identity. We are way too predictable. Players are frustrated and continuously played out of position in strange formations. EMERY IS A BANG AVERAGE MANAGER AND THE SOONER HE PARTS WAYS WITH OUR BELOVED ARSENAL THE BETTER.

    1. I think Emery has killed Ozil’s skill with his philosophy..that is why Ozil’s performance curve dropped suddenly last season …

  7. Just woken up & that pi**ed off feeling hasn’t left me…. have to go to work & listen to all the gloating… not much i can say in defense is there??
    Ken.. i really hope you’re right about beating them at the Emirates, I’ve waited soooo long for that stupid grin to be wiped from their faces!!
    Couldn’t bring myself to watch MOTD and I’m still totally perplexed as to why PAL weren’t unleashed & Torreira didn’t start.. now I’m not saying we’d have won.. but we’d have had a chance to score more, surely??
    I wish i was more like my Son, he turned 13 yesterday, sat there in his Arsenal shirt.. the result didn’t bother him in the slightest.. whereas i was the complete opposite… ? it’s crap though, when your team lose, especially on your Birthday!
    Well.. if this isn’t put right next week, and we lose to that lot.. omg all hell will break loose & that’ll be just in my house ?

  8. Emery invited Liverpool onto Arsenal. He fell into Klopp’s script. Does Emery know the word Wally. He’s a Wally. He lost his nerve. It was a coward’s choice. Dropping Lacazette was bizarre. Playing Xhaka was bizzare. I don’t blame Luiz. We could have been 1 up in the first half with Lacazette then it’s a different game. Is Emery a man or a mouse? Is he Xhaka’s lover? Is he another Tinkerman? We got rid of Mustafi. We nearly got Xhaka, of the slow mind, out of the team. Now a tactically stupid Emery has put his own head on the chopping block.Today was Emery’s most stupid day as Arsenal manager.

  9. As long a Emery continues to use his unknown tactics, we will never realize the potential of these players. We were pressured in our own half and not all defenders can cope in such situations. I still will have nothing against these players whatsoever, till we start playing with a reasonable team and the right positionings.

    1. You’re absolutely right, majority of the game was played in our half. I don’t even care about the losses, is how we lost that annoys me. Such cowardice from our team. No wonder all the pundits take us as a joke. Even so called smaller teams would have showed more guts.

    1. And to make it worse, they’re everywhere. Every channel, every feed on social media I see ‘liverpool destroy arsenal’ or “arsenal dominated by Liverpool” ?

      1. Yes.. every advert too… you’d think no one had ever scored a goal before or had their teeth done.. everything they do is reported about to the max.. their fans never expect them to concede or lose… I’m waiting patiently for that day to arrive.. and when it does, celebrate, i will.. to the max ?

        1. Hehe. I’m avoiding anything football related till next well. Let’s just hope we do better next week.

  10. Better squad,Stupid coach_sorry to say for lack of any better word to describe Emery. What kind of football is he playing? 2nd season and he doesn’t even know our best still gutted

  11. I expected a loss but not the performance which was down to game plan and tactics. Our transition play is weird, we start to play out from the back and end up just launching it anyway half the time or losing it in bad areas. Emery should have at least changed things up at half time as even though we were in the game at that point the weaknesses in the set up were pretty obvious. Have to put the manner of defeat down to the coaches and especially the manager on this one. I can’t get behind the sack him comments that’s just ridiculous at this point with one defeat and only at game 3 but I’m starting to look a lot closer at what he does over the coming months. I think it’s ironic that Salah scored the type of goal against us that emery had set our side up to get

  12. The defeat had nothing to do with David Luiz. It was totally down to the cowardice of Unai Enery. Pathetic team selection. Ceballos…wide? No Lacazette? No Torreira? Xhaka AND Willock? Emery showed he is one dimensional.

  13. I have said it severally that emery is a big mistake, I watched most of his champions league matches when he was in PSG and I found nothing good about his game, when I mentioned it here some people said that he won both the league and cup in France forgetting that the English competitions is not as low as the French. As far as am concerned arsenal is going nowhere with Emery,the earlier we understand this the better. Since he came I have not seen any thing special that he brought to arsenal, instead he had done much damage to our game. Can some one just go back and watch his game with Madrid despite having the Best players on the pitch he could not do anything. He always talks about pressing game, can any body remember the game in which we were so perfect in pressing? I don’t see how wolves can beat some of the big teams and a big team like arsenal will be struggling to get a draw. This man is a joke and should leave our club.

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