Video – David Seaman gives his opinion on the Ramsdale v Leno debate

There is no doubt that Bernd Leno has made some brilliant saves over the years for Arsenal, but we have seen a steady stream of defensive errors, normally caused by using the playing-out-from-the-back tactics, and the fact is that sometimes we blamed Mustafi, sometimes Leno, sometimes Xhaka, or whoever was playing in defence at the time.

But the fact is that the common denominator has always been the German goalkeeper, which is why I believe that Arteta bought Ramsdale to be the starter and not the backup.

But I am just an armchair expert (aren’t we all?), so perhaps we should listen to the opinion of the Arsenal legend David Seaman, who may be considered an expert on the subject….

So this is what Seaman said.


  1. Thanks to David Seaman – confirmed what most could see.

    Dave mentioned “confidence” a number of times along with character etc.

    It was blindingly obvious to the vast majority of us the additional attributes Ramsdale possesses, and has been told by his manager to keep displaying and instil in the side.

    This is not being”wise after the event “ as what Seaman says has been previously discussed a number of times on here, totally laying out what he says in his interview.

    Ramsdales personality and character were key attributes in his favour when considering who we were going to bring in.

    Arriving and “keeping quiet” by being intimidated by his new surroundings would have been the absolutely worse thing he could have done, letting himself and his manger down.

    For instance speaking up, and saying he feels we should, and will, do better in the press was wrong ????

    Of course not.

    Let’s not be naive both Aaron and M A know exactly what the boundaries any interviews with the press are to work within.

    They know when to speak to the press and not to, and also know the limitations of such interviews.

    No doubt there’ll be a few who say “why does what Dave Seaman say become gospel” etc.

    With this particular ex’ I don’t think that argument will hold much water.

    1) He’s forgotten more about goalkeeping than most will ever know 2) he simply, in plain English validated, what most is us already knew – in a nutshell.

    For such a young player, I believe it speaks volumes of Ramsdales character that M A has obviously trusts him with carrying out his share, and buying into, of the gradual rejuvenation of this current squad.

    So whether Ramsdale has been with us 5 minutes or not, is totally irrelevant.

    As long as he shows due respect to his new teammates, and remains humble whilst working hard – Ramsdale must keep on being “Ramsdale”.

  2. Admin pat your a crazy person commding,forcing your opinion on others and going to the level of belittling members in the comment section.So your are not an arm chair expert like us your a dictator.

    1. Excuse me! Please explain that outburst?
      If you mean I make sure the site rules are followed then I guess I am a bit of a dictator, in which case I should delete your comment for personal abuse ON ME!
      But how do I FORCE my opinion on others? Pray tell?

  3. The things is, we are having sort of a good run at the moment. The defence has done it’s best to shield Ramsdale. But wait till that moment we shall meet formidable opposition and Ramsdale is exposed. Then you can start yabbering about how he is better that so and soo. For now, enjoy

    1. With all due respect , I have seen no evidence whatsoever of the defence having to “shield” Ramsdale.

      If anything HE has inspired confidence of those in front of him.

      Anyone agree ? Our have you seen “dodgy keeper protection” going on ???

      Personally I’ve seen both good defending ,and good goalkeeping.

      There is a vast difference in the defence doing it’s JOB in front of the keeper, than “shielding” a nervous / inadequate keeper.

      Can someone please explain to me this seemingly latter day trait, of even when an Arsenal player/manager whoever is doing well out come the “Oh yea, but just you wait”, this that and the other.

      And that is not short time naivety.

      Some debates are for the NOW, and the kid is playing very well.

      Since the Norwich game, when yes we DID have all fit and available for selection ;


      W 3

      D 1

      L 0

      Conceding ONE in the process, as a defensive UNIT.


      P2 W 2

      Whilst conceding 0.

      But we were busy shielding our keeper ?

      If we had to “shield” our current keeper , Leno would have been starting surely ?

      The whole defence would return to being shaky – and there is the whole point being missed.

      1. AJ, as I simply cannot even remember the last time I ever disagreed with one of your posts – though purely by the law of averages, I suppose it MAY have happened – I also cannot remember having had an “identical twin”.

        Though as we think so spookily alike on seemingly everything, do we share a Mother !??

  4. Jon.

    Both born on the 13th I believe, so maybe there is a 13th day of any given month synergy “out there”

    I’m now off to run up “Ancestry .com” as it sounds as though there could well be a Fox lurking somewhere in my tree !

    (Apologies in advance if this appears twice.

    Continuing with the “out there” theme, my first reply simply fired off into the ether never to be seen again ?)

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