Video: Deeney claims ‘Ozil’s checked out’ but the team misses him

Troy Deeney has claimed that Mesut Ozil has mentally ‘checked out’ after Arsenal removed him from the playing squad for the Premier League and Europa League.

The former Real Madrid playmaker has seemingly been frozen out in North London since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, and was subsequently made unavailable for the club’s playing squad.

Deeney hints that this may have been down to his refusal to take a pay-cut during the pandemic, and also claims that the player will one day reveal what has happened behind closed doors to result in his expulsion.

Will there be a huge story that follows Ozil as he leaves the club?


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  1. Tell you what though Jon- it takes an idiot to know that Ozil would not improve this side the way they are playing. And as for the players supposedly dwindling followers? Just count the ever increasing number on this site that wants him playing. Again PAL-this is FACT and REALITY.

      1. I think the most telling remark from Deeney was this one:

        “He has not done anything wrong. He’s not been fined or refused to play.”

        Such a simple and truthful statement.

        1. Ahh but Ken- that’s just it don’t you think. The player has done nothing wrong so we are led to believe. If he had he would have had his contract terminated. But instead he trains every day with the first team. The same team that had no problems creating and scoring when Arteta played him from his first game in charge ( Boxing Day 2019 v Bournemouth away) right up until the first lockdown.
          And now?
          And even more strange is the fact Jon’s initial post that I replied to has been removed.

    1. No other club though wants him Phil, where professionals make decisions instead of “living in cloud cuckoo land fans”. Now I wonder WHY that could be !

  2. what boring soccer. How can they be so bad. When we played such bueatyfull football for years. Now they look like workhorses…Ozil has annoyed. the top management and they want him out…Strange I though the manager said everyone starts with a clean slate. Now it looks like he has no word. It should be all about the Team. Feeling and egos should be left out the ground for the sake of the team.Up the Gunners

  3. Deeney would know… he made fun of Arsenal before. Ozil has not done anything wrong. Pity that Arteta does not have the guts to stand up to those telling him not to pick Ozil. Arteta should play Ozil and just making that sort of statement would lead the team to play for the manager.

    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock…

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