Video – Did Arsenal make a huge mistake choosing Arteta over Ancelotti?

Carlo Ancelotti is doing far better than Mikel Arteta right now.

When Arsenal appointed Mikel Arteta he was not the only option available, Carlo Ancelotti was also on the market and he ended up at Everton.

I personally was opposed to Arteta being appointed and made that clear in various articles at the time, however, I am satisfied with the improvement the team has shown so far, if not bowled over.

But there are some fans out there that are not impressed at all with Arteta, especially in comparison to Ancelotti and Lee Gunner is certainly one of them.

He has put together this video and he makes some very valid points.

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  1. Ancelotti wasn’t my choice for us either, i think ultimately it will pan out he is yesterday’s manager. He has certainly transformed Everton and got a bit of managerial bounce. Arteta is a rookie, he is learning on the job and he is a modern coach. I may be wrong but out of the two, i would have chosen Arteta because i feel that Ancelottis best days are behind him and i hope Artetas are in front of him but we will only know in a few years time.

    1. I agree with yougiven time and backing of the board he will be brill for us don’t forget we have been poor for awhile now

  2. I know it’s opinion, but I don’t really like articles like this.. Arteta’s only been in the job 5 minutes.. and deserves our support! Although if we lose to Everton in a couple of weeks, I may feel differently 😂 Only kidding!

    1. 👍good one sue, We are building a team and we have the right person in Arteta I will support him for now and hopefully the board do the same

    2. I support your opinion Sue, but not the latter part tickling you.
      Actually we made a huge mistake not getting him earlier thab we did.

  3. So what? We don’t need this! How long would Ancelotti stay? We have long term investmment in Mikel. Let it develop. My goodness, are we trying our best to be negative about EVERYTHING at the club? I should seriously consider leaving this blog to the naysayers and have a look at other Arsenal blogs that don’t take PAINS to dig up negative stuff.

    1. Arteta will do the job, given time. He has made the defence more disciplined, and no longer bleeding goals.
      Lack of goals is the real problem stopping draws from being wins, and Arteta will be painfully aware of the desperate lack of guile, intelligent creativity, and a genuine goal scoring threat from all but a bare few – as is quite plain to see.

  4. Shocking article.
    I’m hoping you’re doing an Adrian Durham and posting this purely to make people debate. If not, I’m a little worried.
    You post a lot of articles so I appreciate it must be hard to come up with content for the website. However this is scraping the barrel………… Arteta is doing just fine and we finally have a manager with a vision.
    You keep harping on about yesterday’s top managers whilst imploring the club to buy experienced(yesterday men on big wages) to see an old hand steady the ship and take us precisely nowhere.
    We must attempt to shoot ahead of the curve and produce an exciting vision/brand of football for the future-Ajax, Dortmund, Liverpool to be fair. Who can honestly say when Klopp bought Mane, Salah and Firmino in they won’t OMG those 3 will be unstoppable?? I certainly didn’t.
    Even City don’t buy the best ready made option. They buy players to develop and improve that will fit the vision of how they want to play.
    We must attempt to do the same as we can’t be looking at 50-60 mil per position to fix our situation.

      1. Good call! Just seen that you are indeed correct Sue. Ok, scrub the Firmino bit of my post and focus on Mane/Salah😂

  5. Oh ye of little faith.Let’s be sensible and review this situation at the end of the season.I have every confidence in MA who has served a very good apprenticeship and who has already improved certain aspects of a team which was in really poor shape when he took over.Ancelotti has had a very successful career but he has operated with established ,well heeled Clubs where the cheque book ruled.At Arsenal the cheque book is well and truly locked away.

  6. Carlo has the better players, to be honest, (Iwobi compared to Pepe, not Gabriel). Mikel has just Leno, Gabriel and Auba to count on. What he achieved is great for the players on the roster. In the long term we have a Klopp type manager, committed to our aspiration of a title winning / challenging squad in the next 3 years.This years focus should be the FA/EL, irrespective of where we finish, next year top four followed by a title challenge. Mikel can do it, he has the right methods, he needs younger players like Jack from Aston Villa or similar for today’s fast paced EPL. And Arsene is always around the corner to assist if required.

  7. I believe the Board has done the right thing by appointing MA because MA is the long term solution for Arsenal. He will certainly take us to the next level with his methods and tactics. We should have faith in him and give him time.

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