Video: Diogo Jota takes advantage of Ramsdale mistake to open the scoring

Arsenal find themselves trailing early into the second half after Diogo Jota put Liverpool ahead.

Both sides put up a good fight in the first 45 minutes but neither side was able to make that breakthrough, but the Reds haven’t had to wait too long into the new half.

Fingers may be pointed at Aaron Ramsdale here as much as much as the goalscorer deserves praise after being beaten down by his inside post by Jota’s strike.

The goalkeeper hasn’t made many mistakes throughout the current season, so it seems harsh to be overly harsh on him showing he is human here, but he should have done better nonetheless.


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  1. Poor goalkeeping but he is learning. The big games are massive learning curves for him. He is very immature in a lot of way but very mature in others. He just needs to learn the finer points, cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

  2. Ramsdale is trying but he is immature. He cost us this match.Leno would have better. Leno should come back.

    1. Not really.. Did ramsdale lose his composure? Yes! But is Leno any better? No! You wouldn’t see the good defending by the team if Leno was in goal since he’s not a good communicator and very error prone with his feet under pressure

  3. Leno is a very experienced goalkeeper. He should be given a chance. This is a crucial moment in the league. Every team is fighting for survival. Let Ramsdale rest while Leno come back.

    1. The same Leno who let in 9 goals in the opening 3 matches and countless in the season before and before………
      And what was Laca doing whole evening?

      1. While I do not subscribe to Leno returning in place of Ramsdale at this point in the season, I think it’s overly harsh to criticize Leno for the first three matches cos of the kind of defense and general team he had in front of him. Two seasons ago, be was practically our only rearguard who kept us going all season. Moreover, those same first three matches were the same ones for which many people made an endless pit of excuses for Arteta. So why should Leno not also receive some sympathy?

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