Video – Discussion on Mikel Arteta, Rafa Benitez and Arsenal v Man City

Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop discuss Arsenal, Rafa Benitez and Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal is a hot topic right now, the performance against Man City, what sort of manager should be hired and why would Mikel Arteta even want the job are the topics discussed by ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop.

They analyse what went wrong in Sunday’s game and it was fairly harsh, especially from Burley.

Hislop comments on the board’s role and how they have basically made a mess of things.

It is a good debate and well worth listening to because, to be frank, it is a true reflection of what is going on at Arsenal right now.

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  1. Everton on the verge of appointing Ancelotti. Arsenal on the verge of appointing Arteta! How far we have fallen.

    1. And So? who gives a shit who Everton are appointing? What if Arteta turns out to be a success at Arsenal and Ancelotti fails over there? Its high time we go for a young vibrant personality as the coach and leave the old fashioned once alone. Afterall, even your almighty Ancelotti just went on a 7 straight game in Italy without a win and got fired.

      1. So you only judge a manager on 7 games? What about all the league titles, and Champions League success Ancelotti has achieved? That counts for nothing?

        As I keep saying, do you honestly think Arteta can fix our defence? He spent his last 5 years playing under Wenger, who had given up on defending. He has since been learning off Pep, who’s teams are never good defensively, even Barcelona.

        None of us know what type of manager Arteta will be, but he certainly hasn’t been in the right environments, for learning about defending. On top of that, has zero experience. A lot of people got excited by Ljungberg, and look how that’s turned out!

        1. I don’t think the excitement was about Ljunberg’s appointment as interim coach, but about Emery getting the sack. And about Ancelloti or Arteta….. neither are on my wishlist, but if faced with the option of picking one or the other, I think I’d prefer Arteta

  2. Arteta??? It’s a good decision. He is Young and talented, has eye for titles, knows epl very well and can work under intense pressure, besides, he was a old broom knows all the corners. Good deal

  3. A lot of people clamoring for Arteta. A question for anyone liking the idea of him.

    What have you seen from Arteta as an assistant coach, that makes you think he’s the right man to sort out our defensive problems?

    1. @ThirdmanJW
      His hair. If he can build up our defence to be as solid as his hair, then he’s our man… 😂😂😂😂

  4. Is Arsenal appointing a Manager or head Coach?
    “Head Coach’ is used a lot in the USA.
    Kroenke influence perhaps? Perhaps not?
    This is a subtle but critical change.
    The head Coach is answerable to the board whereas Wenger made the board bow to him.
    Coaches are cheaper, have less power and are more easily let go.
    One reason Arteta did not get the job when Wenger left was that he
    felt he did not have enough influence over transfers.
    So what then has changed if he is accepting the job now?
    Perhaps the board is spending more and sharing more of the transfer decisions?
    Or maybe Arteta sensed that he was not prestigious enough to get Pep’s job
    and realized that a chance to coach/manage Arsenal only comes once in a lifetime?
    So how far did the board cast the net? 200 miles up the M40 apparently.
    Did they really look for any one else?
    In 1986 the net could only reach one man George Graham at Millwall.
    Is it just a case of better the devil you know who you know not what you know?
    Mikel like George Graham are former Arsenal players.
    Mikel is low profile, a yes man, speaks English knows the club and the league
    and will not demand a high salary or high parachute pay out.
    Arteta’s actual managerial experience has not increased since June 2018 and
    has essentially been limited to taking notes at training and putting the cones out?
    Arteta has not actually managed or coached a team of his own.
    Arteta appears to be the best and “safest” of a poor crop available mid season
    So is previous proven coaching /management not a prerequisite any more?
    Could an ex SAS officer with no football experience take the head coach role at Arsenal simply because of his ability to follow the boards orders and motivate players?
    Could it be that no previous managerial experience is also an “advantage” as the candidate has lower expectations,is more easily manipulated and comes with little or no baggage?

  5. Arteta is a risk. He’s never managed a team before and is learing under Pep. Can Arsenal afford to take a risk with so much at stake? We are close to relegation territory already. I’m not saying he is wrong. I am just staring the obvious!

    Maybe Arteta is the only option because he will be cheaper than a proven manager? His budget will be smaller than a proven managers too!

    Is this just typical Arsenal penny pinching!?

  6. If Arsenal do not back him with funds, he is being set up to fail. Pep, and all the City players have had nothing but praise for him and he seems to have a tactical eye for the game. Of course, managing a big club is different than being a number two and we’ll just have to see. Arsenal MUST commit to this tho! IF this is the direction they have decided on. And us fans need to do our part too and stick by him (as long as it doesn’t go an Emery route where everyone and their mothers know he is clueless). We may as well go into this positive. It seems Mikel Arteta is set to be named as the next manager.

  7. Low risk with potential high reward. But how high can arteta take us?
    This squad as some gems EddieN ESR Saka Martinelli Tierney Willock Gendouzi Saliba, but it also needs some structure.
    If it happens, good luck.
    Maybe a mid table team might be the best low pressure situation he can have.
    We know we are poor, so its gona take time…

  8. all fans of the club should make a point of letting Arteta know, through whatever means necessary, that we aren’t going to give him the benefit of the doubt if he takes the appointment without a major financial commitment in writing…

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