Video – Does Arteta look worried about Thomas Partey?

Arsenal’s deadline day signing Thomas Partey looked like the beast of a midfielder that Arsenal have always needed, but after just three full games he suffered a thigh strain, which Arteta has described as “significant” but he hasn’t given us any real indication about how long the Ghanian will be on the treatment table.

Does Arteta look worried to you?


  1. Arteta is in trouble. He’s playing a system that doesn’t suit his players and has backed himself in a corner by putting Ozil in exile. The media will eat Arteta alive if he dares to play Willian in the #10 position. Arteta’s system needs players as Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and Pepe which are our four star players cannot handle the 3-4-3 system. Arteta is still a rookie but I think he can come good. His ego is also an issue.

    1. You are so wrong about his “ego! as to be laughable! MA is the greatest jewel in our clubs crown and so many naive blinkered fans just cannot see it. A shame for you personally when you are proven so laughable wrong, in a fair time . Time is what sillly fans deny their manager , foolishly!

    2. @Jah: You say: “Arteta’s system needs players as Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and Pepe”
      You might also add Willian to that group. I always said MA needs time to bring in his own players. Excluding Ozil was a show of lack of experience because experienced managers always have a plan B. MA might come good only if the owner let him. Loosing money and waiting on results are for owners who love their club more than their money. We shall see.

  2. Jah son, no manager in the world can legislate for injuries – he has taken the decision with MO and it seems he’s going to get the massive backing from the owner.
    It’s down to him, so let’s give him the opportunity to prove himself.

  3. What cannot be acceptable is the amount of times Arteta continually makes the same mistakes game after game.
    His persistence of playing 1 upfront with zero quality in creativity is a very bad coach management error to make.
    just like Wenger he’s ineptitude of being able to put a decent defence together is a joke.
    Only having one defensive midfielder who is now injured shows a lack of hindsight and Intelligence.
    he’s win ratio is worse than emery’s and Emery got the sack.
    Has it stands right now now Arteta has got 1, 2, or 3 games to prove himself if he fails he should be sacked.

  4. Nobody was talking about MO when we were beating mancity and Chelsea and lifting the FA cup but now when things are looking a little down everybody shouting MO

    1. VO, actually at the end of last season, everyone WAS talking about MO and saying how he wasn’t missed.
      Now, despite the signings of Partey and Gabriel, the tactics, game plans and results are not positive and our creativity is negative down the middle of the park.

      That’s why we are seeing the likes of Aubameyang with just one goal and no assists this season.
      We desperately need creativity and, if it’s not to be MO then who else is there, as it’s plain to see, no current player has been creating them?

      1. ..and the TOTs are doing wonderful over the other side of London. A bad time to be an Arsenal fan for me i guess.

  5. It is really a concern and sad to hear. Really hoping it wont take too long for him to return. It is always a cause of great worry when a player sustains an injury which is not from collision, knock or foul during the course of play. It is even worse if the manager says it to be a “significant” injury.

    Another concern is this might delay Arteta’s progression as well. He will continue with back 3 and switching to back 4 will be delayed further.

  6. play Thomas Partey and Ozil…..creativity, ball control, vision mixed with steel and protection….give it a try Mr Manager

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