Video – Eddie Nketiah gives Arsenal the win in the dying minutes

Substitute Eddie Nketiah has come to the rescue for Arsenal against a gritty West Ham United popping up in the 85th minute to score the winning goal.

West Ham had been the dominant team but their inability to finish has cost them dearly. It was a neat goal from Arsenal starting with Bukayo Saka finding Dani Ceballos down the left-hand side who cooly slipped the ball to Nketiah who could not miss from just a couple of yards out.

Not every game is going to be easy on the eye and a walk in the park but all that matters is the three points and that is what Eddie has delivered them tonight.

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  1. This is more like it
    Fight to the finish
    And don’t stop until we win

    I never expected a walk in the park
    West Ham sit back and counter attack
    So I expected it to be really difficult
    Plus there’s no real creative force in the middle
    So great win from the boys


  2. Westham really was more disciplined today, more organized… In the case of Arsenal, the passes were awful misunderstanding everywhere, strikers was left out in the cold, wasn’t such a wonderful performance but in the end we got win. Let’s hope for a better performance against Liverpool.

    1. I feel AMN and El Neny (AMN especially) are being rested for L’pool. And given the fact that they have Chelsea tomorrow, they can’t rest players, so, we can positively hope for a good performance against L’pool…… another win hopefully

  3. That was a hard fought win. We missed Tierney so much.
    Emi is better than Leno. He commands and organises his backline much better. And he has this physical presence, and rarely fluffs his grab.

    1. Although it’s debatable, I’m somewhat inclined towards your side of the argument. Martinez does inspire confidence in the back-line, and he kind of edges it against Leno, when one takes into account their overall attributes, but let’s not forget Leno has been sparing our blushes for a long time, while Martinez only had like 4 months or so. I still wonder why no coach trusted him enough to make him the no. 1, until Leno’s injury conferred the duties upon him. Anyways, he’s gone now, and it’s no use crying over spilt milk. Let’s all hope Leno would up his game and convince us all that the board made the right choice by letting go of Martinez.

    2. Gily, it is a mute argument now Martinez is gone. It has worked for Emi, as he has been named in the Argentine squad. I look forward to watching his maiden performance for Aston Villa.

  4. Brilliant result. Great to play badly and bring home the 3pts than play brilliantly and earn a mere point or nothing at all. COYG.

    Cue the naysayers and the whining (if so n so was in the team ….things could have been better)….im waiting

  5. Eddie Nheketia did well to stay on side for his goal, given he had just come on.
    Credit must be given to West Ham United for a great improvement since their first game; however Arsenal were sloppy giving the ball away and not showing sufficient urgency to win it back. West Ham won the midfield battle IMO. We will be punished against better sides.

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