Video – Eddie Nketiah sent off, a little harshly it has to be said

Eddie Nketiah was red-carded shortly after replacing Alexandre Lacazette following an intervention by VAR.

The referee initially gave a yellow card for what looked like an accidental coming together, however, video replays did show that it was serious foul play.

In all fairness to Nketiah, the ref, who had a straight view of the incident must have thought it was a genuine attempt to get the ball, that is what it looked like to me and that is why he got a yellow.

But in slow motion on video, it did look a bit rough.

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  1. I don’t usually moan about even handed refereeing, but I wait to see the raking of Mustafi’s face in the first half again.

    Let’s see where Vardy’s eyes are.

    Vardy didn’t like getting sorted out in the tackle, and on the way down shoved his studs right across Mustafi’s face.

    If I’m right … instant red.

    How come they didn’t look at that for three minutes plus the referee having a look !!!!!

    But not mentioned???

    Perhaps it’s just me.

    Overall, well done lads the signs are good.

    1. Replying to my own comment, how sad.

      Just been on Sky.

      All day long – INTENTIONAL !!!!

      Vardy should have gone !

      How come I can see it live but …. blah, blah, blah.


      Mikel agrees anyway !

    2. Totally disagree on VARDY and I DO not agree his eyes were a sign of deliberate guilt. I also disagree with Artetas comment afterwards but FULLY understand the tactical reason why he made it, which is to support his team in public. This shows the very common managerial(by almost ALL MANAGERS) support of their players in public but does not fool the brighter ones among us into thinking they, the managers, actually believe it themselves.

      Only naive people always take spoken words at their simple truth. Brighter fans understand the many nuances of football and know sometimes managers have to lie through their teeth, in public, for the teams good. When Wenger constantly said” I did not see it” when it suited him not to see it , only gullible fans took him at his word . He was right to do so and this is common and will remain common among managers. The world is made that way and I do not say it is wrong; it is merely what astute managers of people in many walks of life routinely do, rather than cause trouble in house. It is called sensible man management and Arteta is showing he knows how to do it with the best of them. But only gullible fans take him at his word. Nketiah was simply being overenthusiastic and was rightly sent off for a mistimed but not an intentionally bad tackle. And thus Arteta supported him. IN PUBLIC!

      1. Jon Fox

        You have a far too high opinion of yourself.

        It makes me wonder if you have ever played or managed at any decent level such is your naivety, and ability to hide you complete lack of footballing knowledge behind an avalanche of oft meaniless drivel.

        By the way I have followed Arsenal over land and sea since the 60’s, coached at a fair level, with my son making it to a Premiership side (at the time) but of course do not know what I’m talking about as I’m not as “ bright” as you – but then again who is !

        Smug, high handed response incoming ?

      2. And for the record my comment was posted BEFORE the Arteta interview was aired.

        So for once engage that Mensa level brain of yours, and open your eyes before rushing to hit the keyboard.

        Don’t be so bloody condescending, and insult well meaning loyal fans who you deem not to be on your intellectual level.


        People do not come on here to have their intelligence insulted.

        I advise having a quiet word with this Gentlemen regarding his tone in future.

        1. I thought you handled yourself just fine and gave as good as you got. However, your comments about “tone” have not gone unnoticed.

  2. I agree @ AJ, now he was sent off for “serious foul play” I cant see where serious foul play took place. Id like the ref to explain where Nkethia went in to seriously harm the player hence serious foul play. Not even the fould player was calling for a review, he knew he lost the battle and should have been stronger.

    OK it was a foul no doubt about it but I would question if it was worth a yellow. The ball was there to be won, the defender shit out of the 50/50 and came off 2nd best, is that Nkethias fault. Talking of this and Vardys rake on mustafis face, go back to Maupey on Leno. Wasnt that serious foul play? he would never have won the ball, but decided to push Leno resulting in a serious injury.

  3. How come the VAR numpties viewing it externally had to look at it 20 times from 6 different angles and not make a decision but the ref looked at it twice from the one angle, the worst angle in fact, and calls it a red card? Regarding the incident itself, if it was one of our players on the end of the offending “tackle”, we would be screaming for a red card!

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