Video: Edouard shows Arsenal what they’re missing with super strike

Odsonne Edouard had been strongly linked with an Arsenal move in recent seasons, only to join Crystal Palace this summer instead, and he has just showed them what they are missing out on.

The former Celtic star has fired Patrick Vieira’s side into the lead with a wonderful strike in off the crossbar, but while Aaron Ramsdale would have needed something special to deny the effort, his view was blocked by the defender.

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Could Arsenal try to tempt Palace into selling when we finally look to invest in a new goalscorer?


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  1. Lol who needs edouard, that small guy that cost just above 10m and earns 70k per week, not good enough for us. We have a 110m rolls royce attack with auba and laca.

    1. Yet their combined goals this season is less than Salah’s. And Auba earns more than Salah per week. What a horror of a team we are having. What a horror of an owner we are having finally what a cameo board we have.

      1. We cant blame the owner here. He just does not seem to care that much but still pour enough money in the club that we just should be using better (manager, chief tranfer etc…) if we wanted to compete for an european conference league spot.

  2. great shot, from a power perspective, but let’s face it Ben White has been a rather atrocious defender since his arrival, which is why Brighton was so chuffed when we agreed to pay top-end CB money for a player who is better suited to play in a wider position

    1. Atrocious is exagerating no ? Saliba though is probably, right now, a better option. As mavropanos, a beast at stuttgart was probably too. Mavropanos cost stuttgart 5 or 7m LOL. Maybe ben white will be put in RB position next year ?

      1. of course, the emotions of the moment can lead to some slight exaggerations, but his propensity to give seemingly every shooter exactly what they would most covet is incredibly problematic

        as a Keeper it must just drive you absolutely mad whenever your central defenders keep backing up inside the box, thereby taking away nothing, causing potential screening and/or untimely deflection concerns…as for the RB position, now that the euphoria regarding Tomi has logically died down, I wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever if White was playing out wide within a years time…probably why there’s constant “rumours” swirling about our continued pursuit of CBs

        all of this aside, my biggest concern, which has never wavered, is how we consistently fail the “eye test”…the constant deployment of negative and naïve tactics simply can’t be ignored any longer

        1. We just have a poor manager. Hr might be that kind of manager that os brought by some desperate teams when they are 16th in february. They desperately need some points here and there. So they will play defensive style and try to show tenacity to save a point. Maybe arteta os good for that. IMO i have see enough. Two years time, no improvements in the table, no improvement in the style of play. We can find plenty of excuses (he had not his players, culture at the club was bad, covid, injuries…) He is simply not what we need. Does not mean everything he did was bad. Signing ramsdale was good (even if he also made the mistake of selling Emi) signing gabriel too. We need a good proven coach that comes with playing/tactical ideas.

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