Video: Edu & co interviewed at Arsenal’s All or Nothing global premiere

The Amazon All or Nothing global premiere for the Arsenal edition of the docuseries has been released today, with the opening three episodes released and available on Amazon Prime today.

The documentary has been long-awaited, with it having been known since before the previous season had begun that filming had been taking place, and there are a number of incidents which fans will be keen to see for themselves.

Whilst many have focused on the situation which unfolded between the club manager and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, with him not only stripped of the captaincy but eventually moved on for nothing in early 2022, there will be plenty more talking points to look forward to also.

I can’t wait to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, and the surprises which are in store in what was a bit of a rollercoaster of a season.

Have many of you mapped out time to watch the opening episides today?



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Mikel Arteta talks ahead of our opening game against Crystal Palace


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  1. I definitely warmed to the players the management and josh, seem like sensible people. I think Saka is definitely the Jewel in the crown player at Arsenal…….

  2. Binge watched 3 eps. Not bad at all. Came away from it with a different view of Arteta, hearing him do the pep talks and how he talks about the players.

    1. NY_ Gunner, Hardly surprising, as you have now been able to see the real MA and at work and see how much he is respected by all now there.

      I had many reservations at the time he first took on the job. I never subscribed though,to the “apprentice “jibe that so many have insulted his ability by using.

      A man who was highly rated by no less a person than Pep G at CITY AND WHO DID NOT WANT HIM TO LEAVE , HAD TO HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL.
      What I saw clearly from his beginning was a clear sense of direction , a determination that no player would take us for a ride, as such as Ozil did for years by his laziness and by throwing fake sickies, backaches etc.

      I liked that he was demanding of players and demanded they be of good character,so got rid of low life types like Guendouzi and, unlike the later Wenger years, was hard with players for their own good and for the clubs good.

      I like lots of things, even though I saw many mistakes and wrong tactics, wrong team he often picked. I reasoned that he was learning to run a huge club as a number one , not a number two as when under Pep.
      I always knew that would take time and that we fans had to be patient. MANY HAVE NEVER SHOWN AN OUNCE OF PATIENCE AND ARE, IMO, SOMETHING OF A LAUGHING STOCK AS SO CALLED “SUPPORTERS”.

      I sincerely believe those impatient fans are going to have a lot of egg all over their short sighted faces, starting tomorrow night.

      I am immensely excited by the team spirit , togetherness and fast improving squad and all those reasons are WHY I am a firm MA supporter.

  3. It presents a human side to Arteta and the players, rather than the “footballer / athlete” perspective we see on game day.

    Interesting to see the communication between Arteta and the players, but nothing shocking or news worthy in first 3 episodes.

    Then again, shouldn’t expect a true behind the scenes, warts and all, and risk damaging the brand. So far locker room speeches and training ground communication seems to be the bulk of the first 3 episodes.

    Interested to see how they present the season’s end, and going from 4th and 2 points up with 4 to play to ending 5th and 2 points out.

    Hopefully they will show preparation, mindset, and why they lacked spirit and will in the final spuds and Newcastle matches. 2 real gutless performances when the pressure was on, would like to see what was going on behind the scenes during that time.

    Hopefully some context and perspective, because season ended bitter and disappointing with those 2 gutless performances fresh in the minds of many.

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