Video – Emery in denial after Arsenal loss to Sheff Utd

Unai Emery believes Arsenal did not deserve the loss against Sheff Utd

It is never the best time to do interviews straight after a loss but unfortunately for Unai Emery, he has no choice. TV deals mean that managers must be available as soon as possible and that always leaves room for dubious comments.

Well, Emery is guilty of making such dodgy comments when he claimed Arsenal did not deserve to lose.

Not sure what game he was watching but from where I was sat, Sheff Utd fully deserved the win.

It is understandable that Emery comes out all positive but sometimes some honesty is refreshing. Emery would have been far better served if he held his hands up and says I got that wrong.

Anyway, watch the interview and judge for yourselves if Emery is deluding himself.


  1. tactless coach.. no pattern, no style, all he wants is players that can run for this athletics?.. emery out!!

    1. Having energetic players that are flexible is where football is at today.
      It has been that way since the Pep / Barcelona days.

      Emery just seems to not know how to implement this brand of football. He seems confused about what he really wants.

      In his first few matches as Arsenal manager last season I thought he had brought that high intensity kind of football. Against City, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool early last season i could see the high energy and press.

      But after those games from out of nowhere we looked like a completely different team. Looked like we were back to the later wenger days of zombie, “Go out there and hope for the best” kind of rubbish.

      Emery does not seems to have recovered. What we have been playing is exactly the same as what we were tired of during wengers last 7 or so seasons as Arsenal manager.

      To be honest I don’t see what he is is trying to do anymore.

      I say he has about until January (if he is even afforded that long) and if nothing has changed then he has got to to sacked.

      1. please Goonster, stop insulting Wenger he was never been this bad. when Wenger had creative players like Alexander Hleb,Thomas Rosciki, Cesc Fabregas Sami Nasri and Santi Cazola, he never joked with them loose or win. Arsenal was a joy to watch. I remember how I used to abandon everything including my food because of arsenal marcth. I can’t believe it arsenal were playing I was watching home video then switching to check the score line. playing Xhaka alone is an offence then leaving ozil and ceballos out of your team is criminal Mr coach

  2. Imagine players listening to this gibberish in training all day and straining to understand his version of ‘Spanio-English’!
    A drowning man will clutch at straws to save himself.

  3. Exactly the same reason as to why nothing will change. The best way to correct something is by accepting that it’s faulty. If Emery believes that we played well and were just unlucky then we are in for a bigger trouble. Why? Because it shows the tactics remains unchanged,he is satisfied with the performance and that there is no much to adress. When Wenger left, the objective was to bring someone who would bring change.I dint expect an immediate change but at least something to show that there would be better days ahead interms of general approach. Proper lineups, positive approach, will to achieve. Look at Chelsea with Lampard. You can clearly tell he is up to something. Look at Leicester city. Wolves too( in reference to their average squad) Stats don’t lie
    Wenger’s last 47 games: 26 wins, 90 goals scored, 59 goals conceded, 17 clean sheets! Emery’s first 47 games: 25 wins, 86 goals scored, 63 goals conceded, 10 clean sheets!
    So how can we really say that indeed we are on a positive trajectory? Those were Wenger’s worst times and he still betters Emery who has a better squad. He clearly outsmarts Emery in everything including a better football, possession and everything.
    It’s time we agreed that even by incorporating in our best possible lineup, it will just be another reason to blame the likes of Bellarin, Tierney and Ozil for under performance just as it’s a matter of time with Pepe. Emery tactics are making everyone look average. Am afraid we are headed the AC Milan way. Very disturbing indeed.

  4. The good thing about Emery is his team is usually strong at home

    So three wins in a row against Vitoria/ Palace/ Wolves and everything will be forgiven

    Maybe there would be a loss against Liverpool in League Cup, but Emery could just field the youngsters and he would have good reason to lose

    1. Sure after three wins, everything will be forgiven by the likes of fans like you who refused to admit we’ve regressed under him.
      After three wins, y’all will go back to singing praises and worship of how we’re 2 points behind City or how we’re still fighting for top four.
      Y’all will ignore the truth as usual and continue labelling fans who know it’s just a mirage as plastic fans

  5. You can always tell at what stage of the cycle the manager is by his interviews. By the time they start to say “we didn’t deserve to lose” after horrible performances they are disconnected from reality and buckling under the pressure that comes with their job.

    The same game first half last season and you would have gotten a confidant: “today we were not good enough. But I saw some positives as well. The players worked hard and we will learn from this”

  6. Whenever I come across this “we didn’t deserve to lose bûllshít” it sickens me I swear.
    Really with that performance against Sheffield Utd we didn’t deserve to lose?
    Once again I’m asking, “If our own coach is standing firm and saying with such awful performance that we didn’t deserve to lose that game, Can anybody tell me if we’re heading the right direction with that mentality or we’re heading straight into the drain?

    Like man WTF?! We all know he’s somewhat of a coward when it comes to handling players and making decisions, but FFS man up once and just admit you got it wrong and that you’ll do better next time. Not deflecting it and trying to make yourself look good.

    At least if he admitted he got it wrong and that he’ll do better, fans will be looking forward to the next game hoping to see better.
    Right now with that awful performance and our coach saying we didn’t deserve to lose with it, I’m not eager to watch the game vs Crystal Palace.
    Heaven help us and we don’t end up putting up the same performance.
    The only thing that will save us that day will be Crystal Palace disappearing themselves

    1. I’m not all that confident about the Palace game, we lost to them at home last season, and still having Emery in charge kills any bit of confidence I have left. God save us if Zaha is up for it…… And by the way, a win against Crystal Palace will not change my opinion of our coach. I maintain that he’s not the man to move us forward.

    2. “If our own coach is standing firm and saying with such awful performance that we didn’t deserve to lose that game, Can anybody tell me if we’re heading the right direction with that mentality or we’re heading straight into the drain? GOOD POINT

  7. The buffoon has been in charge of arsenal for over a year,yet he doesn’t know…

    1 he doesn’t know which tactics to use and solely relies on Auba to bail him out every game

    2 he is completely destroying the arsenal way single-handedly with his so called high pressing and playing from the back

    3 he has the audacity to claim that we deserved anything from the Sheffield game? Which game are we even talking about?

    4 he let the squad pick it’s captain? Which top manager ever f**king does that ? He doesn’t even know his players and that if I were Raul that would be the end of his tenure at the helm

    5 he had 2 weeks to plan for the Sheffield game whom we all knew would sit deep and defend with numbers and he thought it was best to leave out both of our 2 playmakers In ozil and ceballos who could unlock their defense

    The list goes on and on but the only silver lining is the cup competitions where I get to see the arsenal way which I know has a lot to do with Freddie


  8. Wenger excuses all over again.
    This is a massive red flag that demonstrates a manager under pressure and may be on life-support.

    Fix up and stop being delusional.

  9. Actually Emery looks quite happy in the photo above! So, he must be pleased about the result or he must have got the constipation problem sorted???!!!

  10. This is why I keep saying this man is clueless, can anyone imagine the rubbish coming out of his? Can you imagine the disgust we all feel towards the game and this is what our manger has to say? After 200m? What height of ignorance? This man is clueless and he doesn’t understand what he is doing.

  11. I think arteta is better than 4 me is useless,no game plan,u av enough players than arsene wenger..what else do u want.abeg do something arsenal board

  12. There’s one thing that we have to admit about Emery. Call him anything you want, but it’s really something that he has loyal fans who keep showing full support. Does he wear some kind of charm?

  13. obviously, mr.emery attended the same school of untruths as mr.wenger. they sound remarkably alike right now . all excuses with no honesty .we may as well call mr.emery catedrático from now on .wenger was called professor, so why not call this latest puryeyor of untruths the very same , but in emerys own language. cut from the veryy same cloth, both of them, oh dear.

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