Video – Emi Martinez brilliant in penalty shoot-out as Argentina reach Final

While we have all been engrossed in the Euros on this side of the World , the South Americans have been doing the same with the Copa America.

Last night we had the strange combination of two ex-Arsenal keepers in the semi-final between Columbia and Argentine for a place in the final against Brazil.

Lionel Messi has never won the Copa America, and he was full of praise for Emi Martinez after he made the all-important saves that got him to the Final one for one last crack at the title.

We all know that Martinez left Arsenal to realise his dream of being Number One for his country, and he has certainly got his wish, which may not have happened if he had stayed at Arsenal as backup to Bernd Leno….

Here is the highlights compilation from the official Copa America youtube channel with both Arsenal’s old boys in action….

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  1. Amazing and quite touching to see two real favourites in goal in the semi-fina..
    Incredible Columbia goal!

  2. Messi really doing all he can to win this, boy has been in an amazing form. On Martinez transfer it can only at arsenal, we sold the better keeper last season and this season we are looking at buying Ramsdale. I love my arsenal.

  3. I have goose bumps watching this. Martinez is world class. He literally won the game for Argentina. Look how Messi and co held him.

    1. Edu The Argentina fans now calls him Emiliano Breathtaking Martinez,😁😁. Boy is truly world class

  4. This annoys me.. Martinez was sold to make room for Leno… Leno is now unhappy and wants to leave.. And definitely offers nothing special when compared to Martinez… Martinez is on the rise, leno on the decline.. And this who was sacrificed to make room for a leno..

    Smh..arteta may be a good coach, but It seems arsenal is too big for him.. Hence his over highhandness in the name of disciple..

      1. Yes Sue..

        He said hes open to new challenges… Thats as direct as footballers are allowed to be.. He just diplomatically saying am tired of arsenal.. Hence the onana etc links.. Areta is vexing me gradually..

        Leno can leave though..

        1. I thought he also said he was very happy at the club?

          What are your thoughts on Ramsdale, Nero?

          1. Hmmm, he looks good on YouTube, but so those everyone, lol.

            I personally think, hes a tad bit raw.. The problem with arsenal over the years is, wer always buying with the future in view… Football and life is dicey, and this may work or may not work… We need players that are ready NOW!!!

            Arsenal is a big club.. The move from relegation will be enormous for him, a weight that may be too heavy for him unfortunately.. We need a now and well cooked keeper, ramsdale isn’t well cooked, lol

          2. Agreed! Our pursuit of him is really underwhelming, imo, there’s better out there and if we end up splashing 30m on him… well we’re even crazier than I thought 😄

          3. Save our $.

            Better keepers out there for a lot less $, but AFC and co needs to actually scout the players instead of looking to fifa202… and standnA…

          4. Mat Ryan is apparently now on Glasgow Celtic’s radar under Ange and may not go to Real Sociadad.
            Would like to know why he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal apart from Gotanidea’s concern that he isn’t 7 foot tall?

  5. Martinez is excellent, he looks so confident and in control. Still gutted we sold him, villa are starting to bug me

    1. Because he stood his ground no 1 or He leaves. Arteta hates players who challenge him. He will freeze you out or ship you out irrespective of your qualities.
      That’s not a wise coach if you ask me.

  6. That’s all well and good for Argentina. They were defensively suspect and missed out on important matches due to this. Now they have a solid keeper and Messi finally can have a shot at an international trophy. Good luck to him and Argentina.
    Beyond that, two ex Arsenal goalies really had a good night in goal.

  7. If I can remember clearly, emi Martinez was a integral part of the arteta’s FA cup and community shield winning team….Why he was sold close to his prime still bugs me till today?…

    Over the years, we seem to solve one problem and create another….now we are looking for a goalkeeper after solving the DM issue, prolly when we solve the creative attacking midfielder issue, then striker issue comes up..

  8. @instrooments
    I think they want to create a new image of Arsenal that will not be traceable to le Prof at all, as much as possible. So all decisions have nothing to do with Values now.

  9. IF Mikel Arteta had promised Emi that he would have 100% confidence of being the starter as opposed to the mere 95%, he would have stayed and shown his value to us, I’m sure. I’m SICK and TIRED of these ignorant comments about how he got greedy because that’s NOT true. WHEN a player comes in to the team and has a MAGNIFICENT impact, over not one, two or three but ALMOST A DOZEN League and Cup games where we finished in the top half after so much uncertainty and won the FA Cup, he has EARNED the right to be the starter. But the 95% guarantee was a sign that Arteta simply didn’t have confidence in Martinez when his performances JUSTIFIED 100% faith. Arteta instead chose to keep Leno sweet and bring him back in, and so Martinez was right to leave. HE DID NOT want a guaranteed number one spot, he wanted a fair chance to start the season knowing that he would face competition. He knows how things work. Now he’s had the season of his life with Aston Villa and the Argentina thing is the icing on his cake AND the cherry on top.

    I will always love Emiliano Martinez and wish him the best. He’s going places!

    As for Mikel Arteta and Bernd Leno, this upcoming season SHOULD be the LAST CHANCE SALOON for both of them. Enough said.

    1. Mani, Rod Marsh the great Australian cricket wicket keeper once stated “you give a mug an even chance.” This was in relation to playing in pain with niggling injuries, because if you let the backup take your place, he may excel and you may have difficulty winning your position back.
      Leno was injured, Martinez took his position and as you stated excelled. Martinez should have been retained until his form lapsed and Leno won his position back. Leno’s return to the starting eleven should have been earned, not just given straight back.

      1. Glad you agree with me on that Ozzie. And when it comes to playing in pain, of course footballers have their dreams and ambitions but it’s also a team game. Rod Marsh can say whatever he likes but if you play in pain for you own personal glory but flatter to deceive, you’ll let the team down. For all the praise that another Premiership veteran, Shaka Hislop, earned for his performances against Sweden and England in the World Cup in 2006, he would never have gotten his chance had Kelvin Jack not had to pull out because of a calf injury. Jack had his dreams of making history as the first World Cup goalkeeper for Trinidad and Tobago, but realised that he couldn’t even sprint and would have torn his calf muscle, so he had to step aside. Injuries are in no-one’s hands and that’s why it’s good to have competition between two fine players in the same position. Leno himself was a beneficiary of Petr Cech getting injured and he stayed in the team even after Cech’s quick return from injury. If he was going to be upset at havibg to compete with Emi, that just sums him up, doesn’t it?

        I want Arsenal, Arteta, and Leno to succeed, but I’m NOT prepared to be so forgiving this season if they don’t deliver.

        1. Mani, I certainly agree that players are selfish to play injured to the detriment of the team.

  10. Said from day 1 he should of been allowed to carry on as no1 until Leno forced him out to which he wouldn’t of done. We sold a keeper who cried winning the FA Cup FOR Arsenal after 10years here, was in the prime of his career and loved the club. He would’ve been solid for us.

    Leno still could’ve gathered £20m+ and thats after his injury.

    Very bad move. Solve one problem, make another. Arsenals motto

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