Video – Emi Martinez shows his tears after brilliant FA Cup Final display

You simply cannot deny how loyal and patient Emiliano Martinez has been to Arsenal over the years. He joined the club at just 18 years old and it is only now after 12 years as an Arsenal keeper that he has had a run in the first team, but boy has he grasped his chance with both hands!

Not only has he been excellent in our League games, he has now also played and won in his first ever final with the Gunners. It is little wonder he found it hard to control his emotions after the game…

A true loyal Gooner. Let’s hope Arteta gives him a new contract quickly…

And then he rang his family……


  1. I am so pleased for him.Why did it take so long for our Management to recognise his potential and more importantly, to give him an opportunity to play for us?How many others have slipped through the net in this way.Let’s hope under our young, talented Manager, youth is given a real chance, not just in Cup competitions.Leno is a very good goalkeeper, but he does not have the commanding presence of Martinez.

      1. Pat, Grandad said nothing about Martinez being young, even though 27 IS young for a keeper.
        You misconstrued his post. It was quite clear to mke that he was talking about youth in general terms, and NOT about MARTINEZ. And he is right in all he says, as usual. Thank God for Grandad and the other wise and more experienced fans on here. I would have left long ago if they were not here.
        Many comments from mostly very young and rash fans make me feel like a fish out of water. They are like an alien species in their comments, at least a good number of them and show no ability to think at all.
        They are so critical of the wrong people. They should save their ire for the likes of OZIL and those who richly deserve all our scorn.

  2. Pat, I am aware of his age, but you have missed the point which is why has it taken ten years to give him a proper opportunity?

    1. i got what you was saying Grandad, also he hasnt been here 12 years, pretty sure he joined in the 09/10 season which makes 10/11 years.
      I do believe he is better all round than Leno, he’s really good in the air, he commands the box really well and i believe that gives our defense more comfort.
      I really hope he is given the chance next season to make the no 1 spot his own

  3. Theirs a rumor going around that Chelsea will sit down with his agent next week to talk about him becoming there new number 1, I will be so sad if he ends up at Chelsea.

    1. Who is “he”? Leno or MARTINEZ? Neither of them can be allowed to go to Chelsea, unless for a giant sized fee.

  4. He is such an excellent GK.
    Much love to him.
    Keep sailing high Martinez.

    1. So pleased for Martinez, for his loyalty and performances being rewarded with a richly deserved FA Cup winners medal.

  5. Many fans have considered this seaon a dismal failure and while Emery was still here, indeed it was. But on that wonderful day that Arteta accepted the job everything changed for the better. No season when we win famous silverware can sensibly be called a failure. It was a classic “”season of two halves”! Of course, we still have the massive disadvantage of Kroenke, but personally I feel there is an excellent chance that Covid and its financial aftermath will force him to sell Arsenal within two years.

    With most of his sports clubs losing substantial money for a long time to come, aided in those losses by the stupid and arrogant Trump, who has refused to take Covid seriously, even now, Kroenke must be haemorrhaging money weekly across his USA clubs. Great news for us!

    On the credit side we have the massive breakthrough of Martinelli and Saka, plus the unexpected and amazing energence of Martinez into unexpected brilliance and security. I am old enough to remember Bob Wilson doing much the same after almost a decade in the reserves around 1970. The similarities are spookily real!

    Many fans are rightly calling for MA to give youth its head in greater numbers, which he is already doing and with Kroenke holding us back we have liitle real alternative.

    Finally, how enjoyable it was to see Chelsea, for once against us, have all the bad luck and that bad ref decision of sending off . I already have Mr TAYLORS autographed picture on my wall! Thats a lie of course but if someone will arrange it, I will pay them handsomely and I cannot think of a club anywhere who more richly deserves all the bad luck going than corruptly owned and much despised Chelski.

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