Video: Emi Martinez thanks Arsenal’s fans upon Aston Villa announcement

Emiliano Martinez has joined Aston Villa this month, but had one last request upon his exit, to thank the Arsenal fans for their contribution and support.

The Argentine shotstopper joined the club a decade ago, but only enjoyed limited first-team action until lately.

Martinez took full advantage of Bernd Leno’s recent injury to play a starring role in our push for FA Cup glory, before helping our side to beat Liverpool at Wembley to win the Community Shield last month.

The German will return to his role as first choice, having also enjoyed an amazing campaign in which he was voted as second best in the bid to become Arsenal’s Player of the Year for 2019-20, but Emi’s contribution will not be forgotten.

Did Emi deserve a shot at keeping his first-team role at Arsenal or was Leno simply too good to bench?


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  1. Au revoir Martinez….. I really would’ve liked for him to stay, or move to a top team outside of England, but well, I wish him luck at Villa (except against us 😈😀). I just hope his replacement is capable enough. Over to Runarsson (already concluded, apparently) bienvenue 🙂

  2. This was a sad departure.. but at least ONCE we managed to sell a player for decent fee after impressive displays, rather than constant clearing out the deadwood cheaply!

  3. Very sad to see him go, but it’s one those situations which has worked out great for everyone.

    For Martinez: A big pay raise, regular football in the EPL, and if his forms continues, one would imagine Argentina’s main keeper in the not to distant future.

    For Arsenal: Surprise cash windfall at a time we’re desperate for cash, 2 trophies, and European football, that Martinez played a key role in.

    I wish him all the best! I will be watching a bit of Villa from now on.

    1. I think his ambition for Argentina might have been the strongest factor to seek guaranteed first team football.

  4. As an Aston Villa fan I just wanted to say what a brilliant interview that was by Arsenal TV. Hearing about Martinez story, from walking into the stadium not speaking a word of English with his Mum to finally lifting silverware for Arsenal. Undoubtedly he is a man depth, and integrity. As a VILLA we will take good care of him Arsenal. He comes to us at a very exciting time. Welcome Martinez to ASTON VILLA. UTV

  5. Respect Martinez.
    Could have stayed and gottten a big pay rise at Arsenal just to be a No2. But his desire to play football couldn’t let him be a scrounger like some we have at our club.
    Martinez is willing to drop to a relegation threatened club like Aston Villa because playing regularly means more then staying in the London lights living a celebrity vanity life.

    Good on you Martinez. Massive respect.

    1. Or you could spin it as say he took the easy route and money ,where as your jibe about Ozil staying and trying to fight his was back into the team you have turned it around to once agin have a go at him and what he earns .

      1. Martinez is a lucky goalie. Check his records. Is sad news to let him go. If you a good team and number 2 goalie is not proven, what can you win.
        Leno got injury at critical point. A good number 2 goalie led us to win trophies.

        Arsenal, we will suffer because there is no proven 2nd keeper.

      2. I bet you Arsenal were willing to match Villa’s wages.
        And how can it be an easy route to drop to a little relegation club / yoyo club.
        The easier route would have been for Martinez to ask for a bigger contract at Arsenal and then just chill as a No2 keeper milking the club.

        Martinez could have been like a a scrounger I know at Arsenal. Refused to move anywhere because be knows moving to another club means he has to start working for his wages. He is semi retired at Arsenal scrounging off the club while spending 90% of his time doing propaganda on social media and playing computer games (Fortnite). Milking the club with no intention to fight hard like his teammates.

        If that is what you class as a tough route as compared to Martinez moving to a relegation club in order to play more game and become Argentina’s No1, then keep perfecting your mental gymnastics and word salad game.

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