Video: England squad confirmed with Arsenal wonderkid included

Bukayo Saka has been selected for the England squad for the upcoming European Championships.

Gareth Southgate recently named an initial 33-man squad ahead of the tournament, knowing he would have some time before the June 2 deadline to cut seven names from that list, and our boy wonder Saka has made the final cut.

Saka is well-deserving of his place in the squad, and with the semi-final and final of the tournament to be played in England, the whole country will be excited about our chances of bringing a trophy home at last.


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  1. I can see Saka not playing in our 1st couple games next season to get a rest unfortunately for us.

    1. I doubt he will get many minutes at the Euros though mate ,more experience than playing time ,Southgate as his favourites so would be very surprised if he gets many minutes ,maybe 5-10 minutes at the end of some of group games .
      Could be wrong though

      1. Yeah definitely agree but he still has to train and travel with the team as long as they are still in the tournament which I wouldn’t call resting and recharging even if he only plays a couple minutes.

        It’s like going into the office but doing no work instead of getting to chill at home and really relax

  2. I may be 100% wrong but i doubt he is in Southgates first 11, i think he could be there for his versatility. I doubt and hope he doesn’t play much, being selfish.

  3. While he is highly unlikely to feature in a starting line up ,the fact that he and Bellingham have made the final squad is encouraging to other talented youngsters .As to the make up of the squad I cannot see the logic in picking four recognised right backs and only two natural left backs particularly when Trippier has been in and out of the AM team.The selection of Coady surprises me as he has had a poor season and lacks the pace to function in a flat back four.White, Konsa and Godfrey have been far more impressive than Coady this season in my opinion.I am not a betting man but I might put a fiver on Portugal or Belgium to win the tournament.

    1. Yeah me too Grandad I was saying to my mate earlier how is coady in that team, very surprising

  4. On a completely different tack, if Ancelotti had decided to come to Arsenal he’d have b**gered off to Spain today. No such thing as loyalty in the world of football

    1. That’s one of the main reasons why I never wanted Ancelotti at the Emirates…he’s been functionally a mercenary manager since leaving Milan and going to Chelsea, more than a decade ago…he’s never stayed at any club longer than 2 years and usually leaves a messy locker room in his wake…of course, I respect his managing acumen, from a historical perspective, but he certainly isn’t the kind of manager you bring in to conduct a “rebuild”…Real is a perfect landing spot for him and I would bet my left nut that he’s not there in 2 years time

      1. that post really made me chuckle. It also makes you realise that the number of Ancelotti votes on JA for Arsenal were misplaced. It is more often than not a complete and utter lottery and you were right to call him a mercenary

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