Video – Everton v Arsenal match highlights – an improved performance

Everton v Arsenal – An improved defence and midfield performance help secure an away point and clean sheet.

The Everton v Arsenal draw yesterday afternoon may not have been an entertaining spectacle but it was still a better place to be in than the one we all found ourselves in after the 3-0 Man City defeat.

There is obviously no goals to relish in this video but there is enough there to feel positive about going forward and that alone makes it well worth viewing.

This particular highlights video comes from the official Arsenal Youtube channel.

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  1. Krish says:

    i don’t get how a draw in Everton is complimented so much.. i now get why the other fans look down on arsenal.. not even all the fans have a winning mentality.. and don’t come with realism Blabla.. a draw against Everton is surely 2 points lost and they looked much more like the team to win the match.. this is just mid table mentality

  2. Lugdush says:

    If auba wants to leave, then we should take ceballos plus money from madrid…ceballos plus 20mm…then, if laca wants to leave too we should sell him, but i hope he stays if auba goes…we have to sell xhaka and ozil for whatever we can get for them…

    Belle. Saliba new def. Terney
    Torreira. New Cm
    Pepe. Ceballos. Everton soares
    Laca/ martinelli

    1. gotanidea says:

      Everton Soares might join Everton FC

      His stats in this season are not impressive either. Only 11 goals and 0 assist from 30 league appearances

      I’d prefer Vinicius Jr if Real Madrid really want Aubameyang

      1. Lugdush says:

        I dont have seen much of vinicious, maybe you can tell me something different but from what i have seen, he is a bit lazy, and he could cost a fortune from madrid due to his age and promising….soares is full of energy and he can help with def dutys,,,,ceballos has shown his disire and he helps in def too,,,i think that type of players is what we need. If laca goes we also could try martinelli on the wing and pepe as striker

  3. Shortboygooner says:

    I’d like to see a change in formation. 4-1-2-2-1. Give Torera the sole job of protecting the back 4. Then let guendozi and willock carry the ball with pepe and saka on the wings and auba up front.

    I also think we need another pure winger like pepe. I would happily sell auba or lacca. It just does not seem to work having them both. We need another pure winger. Saka is good but still learning and martineli should play understudy to lacca or auba but we cannot keep both

  4. jon fox says:

    OT NMan United 2 downat Watford including thrt worst WCkeeper howler I have ever seen in over 60 years watching. Cheered me up no end on this dreary day.

  5. A draw away to Everton is good enough considering the form we are in and the state of affairs at Arsenal presently and also considering the fact that Everton beat Chelsea. Chambers was excellent and definitely the MOTM. Torreira also played well and as did ESR.

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