Video – Everton v Arsenal match preview from an Everton perspective

Everton v Arsenal match preview video from a Toffee fan.

It has to be said that this particular Everton fan was fairly complimentary about Arsenal. Well, everyone except the defence.

In fact, if you took his Liverpool accent out and put in a cockney accent he would sound like an Arsenal fan the way he his describing Everton’s problems. They seem to be exactly the same complaints that we have, lack of aggression, rubbish defence and so on.

He does not come across full of confidence and basically has no idea what sort of Everton team he will see on display today. A bit like Arsenal fans when it comes to what sort of performance they can expect from the lads.

Anyway, have a watch of this Everton v Arsenal match preview video from Toffee Talk Youtube channel. It is always interesting to see what the opponents think ahead of a big game.

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  1. Sean Williams says:

    Firstly if the rumour is that the Kroenke’s believe that our squad is good enough to not need any January incomings, then I feel for Arteta. The Kroenke’s and their expectations are grown from deluded greedy owners feeding fake news. We are shite. The Kroenk’s bigger shite. Arteta clearly needs a CB and even more clearly needs a midfield creative genius. The Kroenke’s hold poison based and delusionary American business ideas. We are purely an aside from their LA project. Arsenal need PLAYERS. All the supporters know that. I hope Arteta has not been given a ‘Poisoned Chalice’. To turn lead into gold cannot happen with our below par players. I support Arteta wholeheartedly, but I despise our deluded owners who are not fit to own our club.

  2. Mohsan says:

    In his interview Arteta pointed out three things he wants to see in the team..passion, aggression n bossing the game…exactly the three things missing from our team at the moment. I always wanted Arteta to be appointed as manager so for me Christmas came early …lol!

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