Video Extra – All of Aubameyang’s goals and assists for Arsenal

Now the season is over I thought I’d start a few of my Arsenal video compilations to give you all something to appreciate, and of course the biggest thing we have to rejoice about is the effect that the arrival of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has had on the second half of the season.

The ex-Dortmund star came with a massive reputation of scoring for fun in the Bundesliga and he has needed no time at all to settle into the Premier League despite being short of match fitness when he arrived.

So here you are, enjoy watching the exploits of Arsenal’ new superstar, and we can look forward to seeing a much longer video at the end of next season and see him picking up the Golden Boot!



  1. Phil says:

    It just confirms what is so obvious to everyone- simply you get what you pay for.The player is absolute class and contrary to the image of being troublesome at Dortmund he seems to enjoy the game and the Club.Abuamayang will top score for us next season and players like Lacazette will feed of him.Truly class player.

  2. Trollmatic says:

    Typical Wenger signing – no one had heard of him until he joined and now everyone is raving about him!!!!!!

    1. Phil says:

      Excuse me?Have I got this right? NOBODY HAD HEARD OF HIM?Typical WENGER SIGNING?So it want Sven M who signed him bearing in mind Wenger was widely reported as wanted Martial as part of the Sanchez deal and NOT Mhkitaryan?
      I hope your post is toungue in cheek but if not you seriously do have a problem

      1. John0711 says:

        Phil lol I’m sure that’s a wind up

  3. barryglik says:

    The Sanchez debacle drove this purchase.
    Did we need to spend 60m
    on an old old striker
    when we already had
    50 m Lacazette,
    16m Spanish super star Perez
    Scorpion kick specialist Giroud
    Englands second best striker 16m world cup hero dangerous Dan Wellbeck?
    Surely some of that 142m could have been spent on a quality DM CB and RB?

    1. Mwsupporter says:

      Yes Barry good call, we should have stuck with Perez and Giroud and not bought absolute class who will make a difference for the next few years. Yes we need defenders but……… I’m also paying to watch entertainment and PEA is worth every penny.

    2. Phil says:

      We had a £50m striker who was struggling
      A £16m Spanish striker who was deemed not good enough so sent out on loan
      A Scorpion Kick striker who was NEVER prolific
      A £16m Welbeck who can never be relied on to score
      Then we buy Aubameyang (in your words an OLD STRIKER)who gets 10 goals in 14 games after arriving at the end of January unfit and with little or no games under his belt for the previous 2months and who reignited Lacazette to show his true qualities.
      Perhaps we need to sign a few more OLD DUFFERS like him

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Kev??? Kev??? Our dear old insider, Where are you???. We need your Inside Info to keep us lit and I miss the controversy whenever you’re on here?

  5. Sue says:

    ??? Just brilliant! Always a sign of a great striker when they score on their debut (& what a debut goal it was!) Looking forward to seeing him next season, challenging for the golden boot! We’re going to see plenty of forward flips ?
    #Yo Pierre!!

  6. langoz says:

    auba will be on top next season,with lava and Nikki along side him,arsenal just missed defenders and very strong midfield just as viera used to be.

  7. RSH says:

    not shocking. You buy world class players and they deliver. Aubameyang remains one of the top goal scorers currently in the game.

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