Video Extra – Arsenal 3-1 West Ham Highlights – Exciting but still worrying

Here we have the best highlights from Arsenal’s first ever win under Unai Emery, and it was heart-stopping entertaining end-to-end football. Great for the neutrals but for us Arsenal fans it didn’t show us that the new players had perfected Emery’s tactics, or improved our defensive stability.

We could be in for a fun high-scoring season, but we won’t win anything unless the defence improves….



  1. those guys on the Defense part had a serious problems which can entertain any goals from any clubs at any time. They are not bold to tackle the attacker from opponents. What happen to our two best attackers, they did not score any goal upto now. These two positions need critical improvement.

  2. Pablo Picasso says:

    – Cant believe how open we were especially in the first half. We need to be better organised. School boy stuff out there Unai.

    – Auba needs a sit down, his loosing possession too much & keeps missing good chances. Starting him with Laca wouldn’t be a bad idea. Our expensive strike force really needs goals to boost there confidence asap. Even a penalty will do at this moment.

    – It seems Bellarin has been told to prioritise attacking to defending. Unai mentioned we were attacking more at RB and LB and this is where the first goal came from. This means we should expect our opponents to attack more on the right especially that Bellerin is not disciplined enough to choose when to go up or hold back. Considering Bellarin has 3 assist already & looks better with the final ball I don’t think we will see a change very soon at RB as most people want.

  3. Pablo Picasso says:

    OT: Liverpool have hired a specialist throw-in coach to help their chances of winning silverware.

    Seems our pals are not leaving any stone unturned. On the other hand what is football turning into now, what’s next, drop ball specialist. Pay me 1 percent of Ozil’s salary & ill take the job.

  4. sam says:

    @Pablo, you cant get the best out of Auba14 as lone striker. I now like the way we play and if we can go back to a 4-4-2 system with Auba14 and Lacazette9 upfront with Ramsey behind them we do not need Ozil to score goals at plenty and perhaps if Ozil is included, he’s definitely gonna be a massive plus for us. let’s have a system we can play with. let our deep laying Midfielders stay in the middle more to cover the defenders that will enable our fullbacks to operate more like Ashley Cole and Ebue. we will score goals I repeat

  5. Ks-gunner says:

    We lack some serious quality in the team and we are very unbalanced. Wish Emery would just give some of our other youngstars a chance as well and not put up with Ozil and Ramsey bs anymore. Need to think ahead we are not going to be eable to do anything at least this year so why not work on our future by spending time with our youngstars.

  6. Durand says:

    If Emery wants to be aggressive with the fullbacks in attack, I wish he would start Torreria and let him sit back and shield the CB’s. Otherwise Mustafi and Sokratis are both disasters waiting to happen playing high backline with attacking fullbacks.

    Secondly, Torreria’s presence made huge difference in Xhaka’s game; huge improvement from previous 2. Maybe even Welsh diva would benefit from Torreria if we played a 4-3-3.

    Third, Auba got dangerous when he moved out wide and Laca played up top. Best our attack looked by far.

    Fourth, Welbeck’s work rate on the wing will help in pressing high and defending from the top, and give some cover to our attacking fullbacks. Add Torreria anchored in front of Mustafi and Sokratis, and we are instantly more solid at the back. Xhaka can play in front of Torreria spraying long balls to Auba and Welbeck on the wings with their pace.

    However I’m not a coach, I’m only trying to suggest a lineup where some players strengths offset other players weaknesses. Can’t be much worse than what we’ve seen in first 3 matches.

  7. Phil says:

    VCC and Ozzie Gunner-apologies But August Bank Holiday And had the family round for the day (still can’t get rid of some of them).
    I’m a believer in playing your best players in the right positions so would always have Lacazette up top with Aubamayang and Mykitarian either side of Ozil.Behind them I would have Torreira and AMN.Until Fit Xhaka would fill in for AMN.We just can’t seem to stop both full backs from bombing forward so the two CM’s must sit and cover.Despite his age and injury problems Kos is still our best CB and I would have him next to Mustafi.
    Sounds simple but we do have very good players.Surely Emery could work around this line up

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Phil, a man after my own heart

  8. Jah son says:

    Arsenal’s got only one real so called world class player and our fans give him shit everyday because he doesn’t work his socks off to make the others look good only the King’s got a better track record the guys kept us in top four won three FA cups with nothing but a load of nobody around him Sanchez and Cazorla that’s all we’ve ever given to him

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