VIDEO EXTRA – (Arsenal fans horror show) A Mustafi compilation

Unai Emery made a point this week of defending Shkrodan Mustafi’s defending after he gifted Crystal Palace a goal, and in fact the Boss said that the German had been consistent this season.

I am not the only one who agreed. He has been consistently BAD! Some one else also agreed with me and they have posted a YouTube video of many of Mustafi’s best mistakes. It’s not pretty, and the worst thing for is when you see him arguing with Cech and trying to blame him for his glaring error.

I am sorry to be critical of I’m afraid the camera doesn’t lie…..



  1. Sue says:

    I feel depressed enough as it is… I am NOT pressing play!

    1. Luke Skywalker says:

      You’ll still be watching it come 4 o clock tomorrow the amount of mistakes he’s made ?

  2. Luke Skywalker says:

    A video on Mustafi mistakes? There could be a 4 hour documentary ?

    1. Sue says:

      Only 4??? I was thinking a week (you know like shark week!) Mustafi week…. got a ring to it, don’t you think?! ?

      1. Luke Skywalker says:

        Haha yeah Sue I was being kind because he didn’t play last night lol should make a video of how many teams broke a record against us starting with that 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford ending the 49 unbeaten run ?

        1. Sue says:

          Oh Christ… now that would 1 or 2 seasons of about 12 episodes!!

          1. Luke Skywalker says:

            Hahaha like Wenger first man to lose 50 champions League game! Conceding 8 for the first time, benteke scoring anytime against us, Charlie Austin’s goal scoring run, palace not scoring at home all season until we played there, Lingards last goal against us (his next goal will be against us) losing 5-0 at home to Chelsea in coca cola cup.. having the wrong the player sent off (Gibbs, Chamberlain) Fowler hat-trick in 4 minutes, Salah, mane and firminho all scoring against us in every game at anfield Mourinho record against Wenger, will I go on ?

            1. Sue says:

              Crouch’s only hat trick ?

              1. Luke Skywalker says:

                Lol was it ? ?

                  1. Luke Skywalker says:

                    Omg ? almost as bad as the Bradford game ? who’s your least favourite player or worst Arsenal player you’ve ever seen Sue ?

                    1. Sue says:

                      Do you know I’ll have to think about that Kev & get back to you… there have been a fair few over the years! How about you?

                    2. Luke Skywalker says:

                      From park to squid to stepanov it’s tough Sue lol then there’s yaya sanogo ? I’ll have to go with Jeffers cos we paid back then a lot of money haha

                    3. Sue says:

                      Cor I have to agree with that Kev… Sanogoal… he drove me bloody mental ?

                    4. Luke Skywalker says:

                      I put Jeffers in there cos he cost money sanogo was well just sanogo and he scored against Dortmund and looked good at the Emirates cup haha Alberto Mendez is on the list though he was useless beyond belief made bischoff look like pirlo Sue ? do you remember Kaba Diawara ? He came on as a sub against Chelsea at Highbury and was never seen again ?

                    5. Luke Skywalker says:

                      Legend has it, that his cameo sub appearance was so awful he was abducted by aliens along with Luke Chadwick of man utd although Mark goldbridge swears Chadwick was of alien decent just dropped from the mothership onto the old Trafford turf.. national enquirer got involved but Alex Ferguson banned them from Carrington

                    6. Sue says:

                      Kev… so funny, the way you explain things ?

                    7. Sue says:

                      And btw are you in a better mood today?

                    8. Luke Skywalker says:

                      Thanks Sue ? yeah apart from a stiff neck I’m ok ?

            2. Elton Rono says:

              Even Andy Carroll I think scored a hatrick against us

              1. Luke Skywalker says:

                Correct Elton the 3-3 draw I’m still seeking counseling after that game ?

  3. Declan says:

    I’m depressed enough already without watching that. Please article writers also stop writing about us getting into top four, it ain’t happening. The whole team are weak and the manager is very quickly losing credibility. All the crap about him inheriting a bad squad, so if he did he should be good enough to sort it out. We’ve got some excellent young players in the U23 team and youth setup so let’s write this season off now and give them a chance. Nketiah did more in half an hour last night than some players have done all season.

  4. koss says:

    Mustafi to blame for yesterdays loss also

    1. Not mustafi s fan but putting all his mistakes like this is disrespectful. We could the same for all the players

  5. GunneRay says:


    Can you please do another video about Xhaka passing the ball to the opposition?

    And the another about Wengers worst buys (including Silvestre). Now that series could out last Game of Thrones!!

    1. Luke Skywalker says:

      What about the squid ? Or stepanov or park Chu young definitely 3 of the worst ever buys haha

      1. GunneRay says:

        Exactly mate! So many bad buys (and freebies) to mention!

        Need to start another post on this one. List the top 1000 worst buys since 2002..

        1. Luke Skywalker says:

          Haha yeah mate mainly defenders and goalkeepers Almunia, Richard Wright and Rami Shaaban lol

          1. GunneRay says:

            Some crap in attack as well..

            Arshavin, Chamakh, Jeffers, Gervinho and Santos to name a few..

  6. dotash says:

    After watching this little documentary about Mustafi’s error, l am not surprise at all. I think Arsenal should cancell his contract, this is why we are behind in the top 4. But statistics suggested him to be our best defender, hmm,

  7. Grandad says:

    I have criticised Mustafi since he arrived at Arsenal but I have never disrespected him.To compile a horror show of his numerous errors is distasteful to me.You could apply this type of video to all players notably goalkeepers,but to hit a man when he is down is not in my makeup.We have a number of poor defenders some of whom are well past their best.Indeed we do not have one “top quality” defender on our books which is the main reason for our failure to defeat so called “lower league” teams.I am sure Emery is very aware of where our weaknesses lie and hopefully he will be able to acquire 3/4 hungry young players to give us the legs we are clearly lacking in certain areas.Our needs are clearly a CB, LB,box to box midfielder and of course a natural left winger.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Well said Grandad. I’m really disappointed this site has posted this video. Talk about piling on. I love this site but shame on you admin.

      1. Admin says:

        Hey don’t shoot the messenger!
        Someone (well, a lot of people!) feel very strongly about the points he has cost us since his arrival, so much so that ArsenalScoutHD went so far as to spend a LOT of time making the video.
        I am not expecting every reader to agree with any post on here ever anyway…

        1. Trudeau says:

          Disappointing response. Dress it up. any was y you want. You’re piling on.

          I look forward to the compilations for Iwobi, Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Guendozi etc. They all have their fair share of detractors who wouldn’t hesitate to put together their worst bits. I’d hate to think their time was wasted. Pathetic.

    2. Declan says:

      I totally agree with you Grandad, a video like this could be made about any player in the league and it would look as bad. Total character assassination of one of our own players. We are already a laughing stock with our rivals and how does it look when this appears on our own site? SMFH.

  8. Declan says:

    A really irrelevant post really as he didn’t even play last night. I know he’s useless but are we really blaming him for us being hammered by Wolves? Outrageous.

  9. Abbas says:

    Agree that it’s a distasteful article/video. More negativity and hate which we really don’t need.

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