1. What a great turnaround! Loved Ozil’s pass to Nelson for the assist. Good old Laca!
    Nicely taken penalties, Iwobi had to get the winner didn’t he??!!!!

    1. Cech saved TWO penalties.. TWO ✌ in one match ???

      1. What’s going on??? The flood gates have opened now for Cech saving penalties!!!

        1. Everyone stepped up! Hopefully that will be the case come start of the season? Anyways. Even though we conceded a set piece goal from Fabregas’ corner I was thrilled to see that zonal marking nonsense is out the window. What a beautiful sight to see Arsenal defenders tangling in the box trying to man mark!!! No more goals going in and everyone staring at each other sheepishly!

  2. I think Podolski would have been Lacazette – esque with good training and management. At least we have finally unjinxed the no. 9 shirt ???. Nice work Lacazette. I pity those who wanted him sold.

    1. I love Podolski ? although I’m pretty fond of Laca right now ?

  3. Socratis ,Mustafi axis a disaster.Man City will take them apart.

    1. I think Mustafi is slightly better but we’ve also got two fullbacks who cannot defend.

  4. I’m happy Chelsea dominated that match..deep inside of me I wanted Chelsea to have a good game but i didn’t want arsenal to lose though.. So the game was totally okay to me… this game now allows Chelsea to be filled with so much confidence when playing us in the 2nd match of the league..which would allow Emery to spring a surprise element with a change of tactics..Emery now understands a bit of Chelsea’s game.. Now you would see why Emery is one of the top tacticians in the world….be confident..i Chiza assure you that we are going to win our first three games of the season and from there anything can happen

  5. Cech is started doing what he did to ronaldo in 2008 CL final. Flinch once then don’t move a single muscle, it destroys the stupid stop and go penalties like hazard and ronaldo.

  6. You never can tell i guess the arsenal team purposely played badly not to reveal alot before the real important match… By the way i have noticed we are now a bit good at bouncing back from a goal down.. It is a positive

    1. And what has happened with you claiming that dembele is joining arsenal rumour?

      Trying to be the next kev?
      Or are you the kev?

      1. He is a parody!

        1. He is just an excitable rather immature boy who loves his club but lets his enthusiasm overwhelm any common sense he might still have. We all have to grow up and older eventually. Would I change places with him , as it would then mean having my life again? You bet I would. In a heartbeat! Plenty of time for boring realism when you have to grow up.

  7. I’m no parody…a deal has been agreed between the clubs and personal terms have been agreed with dembele..but what is complicating the issue is that Barcelona want Ramsey but Ramsey doesn’t want to go to barca and emery wants him to stay..but dembele has set his heart to come…. But I fear that if arsenal can’t wrap up this deal immediately then Emery might turn to Joel Campbell and use him as the new left winger.. But let’s watch and see.. But I’m no parody

    1. Ramsey doesn’t want to sit on the bench at Barcelona more like it.
      The great thing in the game was Unai Emery giving the Arsenal defenders a right rollicking after they conceded a set piece goal. There was no pained looks and fidgeting from this manager.
      Hopefully Emery puts zonal marking in the dust bin and reverts to man marking. Players were demonstrating with each other after the goal was scored, blaming each other for not covering the Chelsea scorer.

  8. It was a friendly, but it kind of gave us a glimpse of what we have & what needs to be improved. Shout out to Matteo, gave the ball away a few times but he made Elneny look like the 19yr old. Bellerin needs a career change, we need Monreal ASAP, we can’t play both Mhkitaryan & Ozil especially against the likes of Mancity. Let’s hope that Emery will find a winning formula. Onwards & Upwards.

    1. I have been saying that Bellerin needs, if not a” career change”, then at least a club change. He is nowhere near the class of defender we need , nor ever has been, even when being hyped by some as world class when he first got into the team. He has NO defensive nous or instinct and other than pace, not much at all, in my view. We need both Bellerin and Kolasinac out of the eleven when we start the Prem. NEITHER ARE PROPER DEFENDERS. Lichtenstein and Monreal for me.

      1. That should read Lichtsteiner. My apologies to him for getting his name wrong. Clearly early onset dementia!

  9. We didnt play dat bad, and had d most chances, we wud cud as well av gone to win wif 3 or more goals, d slating of the players and d coach during d match was childish, stupid and b likened to a case of premature ejaculation

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