1. Bring on city, then we know where we stand

  2. My first time of commenting on this sit, i really like this site

  3. We shouldn’t expect too much this season

  4. The big take away from this match is how much the arsenal players are enjoying themselves they are all so close and there for each other. This is a much better Squad than we had the past few seasons I think Sanchez as good as he was seemed to be playing for himself and more so and he behaviours we are led to believe weren’t those you’d expect from a team player. But the new additions mixed with the rest of the squad really look like a team that wants to play football and and enjoy their football which if you get that right will go on to win things.

  5. I like the fact that Ozil is doing some dance moves as well 😂😂

    The Auba-Laca effect

  6. Any sights of Steve bould standing up and saying anything or is he still sitting on the bench like a dummy!!!

    1. I believe he sat on his chewing gum and is now stuck rigid to a bench in Singapore never to move again.Hope so anyway

      1. Thanks for the laugh that gave me. Quite a thought eh, Phil. Though I do feel for that poor bench. Imagine this converstion between neighbouring benches:” Oh, I had Emery sitting on my bench. He sat down for a single moment and I never felt his weight on me again all game. How about you?”. ” O’h I had old stoneface stuck on me for 90 minutes and he stuck two chewed packets of gum all over my underside. Oh I hate him”. ” I feel sorry for you and
        I have heard nearly all Gooners worldwide must have had him sit on them too, cos they hate him too.” ” Well, whisper it, but I was told my English cousin, Ash Wood, that apparently he used to be able to smile but all those years sat next to Wenger caused his smile to vanish, never to return.”

      2. Their no need fr him to take role of his boss .He is doing well that y he is still with arsenal

  7. LMAO would be fun to watch…just need another winger… we need Bailey badly

  8. A natural fast winger in Bailey, zaha or coman will be an Ice on the squad… we can offload Perez,Campbell and/or Welbeck to fund it.

  9. Liking The young chaps involvement. Shows we don’t just need to rely on the big names.
    Pre season is short because of the World Cup but we seem in good shape. Looks like pre season with a purpose which has been lacking for while.

    We still have Xhaka, Torriera, Welbeck, Kosciency to come in.

    A lot of work to do still (sell Perez, Campbell, Welbeck for Demebele €60m) but we need time for that. It’s not going to take a short pre season to be ready to win the league.

  10. Our defence is absolutely shocking. We have had ample time to fix it by replacing the mass amounts of deadwood in that area. But we haven’t so IF we don’t get top 4 as a result emery should be held accountable.
    As for the winger I would give reiss-nelson his chance instead of obsessing over bailey.

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