Video Extra – Arsenal’s best goals from 2017/18

Here is another excellent compilation of some of the best moments from the campaign just finished, and although Arsenal fans may feel that we have we have had a very disappointing year, there are still some brilliant moments to look back on.

It’s not all been doom and gloom, and all we can hope is that Arsenal have a lot more of these special moments next season and we are a lot more consistent, especially away from the Emirates.

Watch and enjoy Gooners!


  1. Sony says:

    Dissapointing this year honestly. I would pick Ozil Volley, Xhaka Shot or Ramsey beating GK

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Liked Lacazette’s debut header allot, but yeah maybe Ozil’s volley gets it.

  3. barryglik says:

    Watching a highlight reel
    knowing we lost 13 times
    and finished a distant 6th
    gives me no pleasure.
    Just reminds me how poor we have been these
    past two seasons despite having big money signings
    like Mustafi Xhaka Ozil Sanchez+Lacazette.
    Promising players like Chambers Wilshere Bellerin Ramsey
    Wellbeck and Iwobi have regressed leaving it to
    old timers like Cech Koz and Monreal to keep the ship afloat.
    I believe Jardim would get these loafers off their collective arzzzz’s
    and turn them into a lethal outfit in just one season.
    Even Vieira could revitalise this squad.
    Now lang wishing in 6th surely the only way is up.
    Surely the only way is up.

    1. Not if we sign Arteta it isn’t! The only way will be sideways… From 6th to 6th.

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