Video Extra – Brilliant Cardiff v Arsenal Highlights – How many should we have scored?

We can’t complain about Unai Emery turning Arsenal into a boring team, as every single game has been end to end exciting football. After just four games we have scored 8 and conceded 8 which is an average of 4 goals in every game. Hopefully we will start reducing our ‘goals against’ column if we ever learn to defend! But in the meantime we are being treated to a banquet of attacking football.

Watch this video of today’s Cardiff v Arsenal game and see if you can count how many we should have scored if everyone was on form….



  1. gotanidea says:

    It was a nerve-racking match but very entertaining

  2. Dan says:

    Cardiff could have had 3 or 4 goals could have ended 6-4 arsenal as I keep saying with this defence we are always going to leak goals the top teams will pick us off for fun!!

  3. Roy says:

    Our bloody defence reminds me of the kick and rush football in school days over the park.Have we got a Wenger mark 2 as a manager?This is West Ham football 40-50 yrs ago.Before you all start screaming have you got our goals against record already.I know , early days but I’m not impressed so far.Still,end of the season is the time to assess properly.A very weary ‘Come on you Gooners’.

  4. McLovin says:

    Cech for Leno
    Xhaka for Torreira

    This will help tremendously if we are to play from the back.

    1. Innit says:

      I think you mean
      Leno for Cech and Torreira for Xhaka

      I agree with Torreira. I prefer him to Xhaka
      I’ve had quite enough of Xhaka and Torreira deserves to start
      I’m fine with Cech

    2. Niall says:

      Agree with both have to be dropped

  5. hide_TR07 says:

    I wonder if it is only me, but I kept feeling as if Wenger were still coaching while I was watching the game in Cardiff. I couldn’t really see much difference. I was as frustrated because we lacked pace, motivation, hunger and hardwork. I could see some players thought it was an easy game, but we STRUGGLED against the newly promoted side. And, yes, they fought hard. Credit for them. But at the same time, we let them play well.

    Emery still can’t pull the best performance out of Ozil. I don’t know if it’s Emery’s problem or Ozil’s, but he failed, along with Ramsey, to create something that was needed to No 10 role. And considering what he has achieved in his career and the amount of money he gets, that’s far from satisfying. I do hope Emery has the balls to bench him, but I started to have slight doubt; I don’t understand why he picks up the same starting eleven, such as Ramsey, Xhaka, Bellerin and Cech no matter what, and why he is so reluctant to try someone, something new from the start.

    This is what I love to see;
    Lichtsteniner Mustafi Sokratis Monreal
    Elneny Torreira Guendouzi
    Lacazette Aubameyang

    I know Elneny is not a popular figure here, I rate him over Xhaka.

    I may sound too negative; yes, win is a win and 3 points are all that matters. But don’t we want to play in Champions League again? And if that’s what we want to achieve, playing as we did last night against Cardiff is not acceptable. A work in progress? Sure. But to me, sticking to the same starting eleven is not a good idea for our progress.

  6. Chiza says:

    Our shitty defense has made other teams believe they can score against us… Now even a very defensive Newcastle wants to attack us next week to get a win.. Benitez believes he is ready to go all out against us but couldn’t do that against man city and Chelsea.. Really funny….i see another high scoring game against Newcastle next week

    1. Sue says:

      Yes I do, very open end to end stuff. We have a knack of making average teams look very good… plus players that are crap & haven’t scored in ages normally score against us… Morata the other week. Probably Rondon for Newcastle!

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