VIDEO EXTRA – Every goal Olivier Giroud has scored for Arsenal! Do we really want him to leave?

Olivier Giroud has been much maligned by Arsenal fans ever since his arrival, but the fact is that he has scored many many important goals for the Gunners over the years, and is now approaching the 100 goal mark for us.

The Frenchman is still the Number One centre-forward for France and is obviously held in high regard by Didier Deschamps, perhaps we Arsenal fans should also appreciate what he has done for us in the past, and could do for us in the future if we manage to hang on to him for one more year.

I don’t believe that Wenger will sell him, not after signing a new contract earlier this season. So let’s cut Oli some slack and just enjoy watching him knocking them in on a regular basis….



  1. So onyekuru did initially agree to join arsenal but at that point arsenal were already in advanced negotiations for lacazette and mbappe and that hindered the move.
    I have no news on mbappe apart from what has already been reported by the media.
    Lacazette and Lemar deals are DONE. Announcement before tour, that is before the 3rd of july when the team leaves.

  2. Keep it coming Re- source

    Good to have some credible transfer news for a change

  3. Mariano diaz is moving to lyon subject to medical.
    Aulas wanted to get the two deals done before allowing official announcement of lacazette and lemar to arsenal

  4. OT- was watching the Spain vs Italy u21 game and Dani Ceballos really stood out, heard a lot of good things about him before the tournament. 20 years old, already played 100 games for Real Betis and looks like the real deal, awesome balance, passing, dribbling and is quite tough in the tackle. Would be a perfect replacement for Cazorla and has a release clause of 15 million euros.

  5. Few Arsenal fans want him to leave. Most Arsenal fans are appreciative of his 98 goals and his quality.

    However, Giroud should not be our #1 CF next season. He is a good quality CF but not as prolific as Alexis, Kane, Lukaku, Ibrahimovich, Costa, Aguero

    I’m worried that Wenger wants to keep Giroud so badly that he will promise to regularly start him next season.

    If Giroud MUST go so that we can get a Top forward, then we will accept it

    Again, I am hoping Giroud stays as a SuperSub and we get a Top forward as #1

  6. Love that header Giroud scrored with the West Brom cb hanging all over him.. he really is strong as a bull in those situations

  7. Get someone who can work with him like Greizeman from France. Alexis was our best goal scorer last year but we left our second best goal scorer on the bench to accommodate Welbeck, Sanchez and Walcott.

  8. If someone could make a video for every goal that giroud and welbeck have missed, then maybe we can come to a conclusion easier that we need a world class striker. We don’t need giroud to leave, just need a new striker.

    1. Cos they never miss right? Giroud had the top conversion rate of any striker over 10 goals in the prem last season..

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