VIDEO EXTRA – Jack Wilshere has excellent comeback For Arsenal U23’s against Derby

Jack Wilshere had nearly a whole season of competitive football at Bournemouth last season, before inevitably getting a hairline fracture in his ankle towards the end of the season.

But he certainly looked fully recovered last night as he played 70 minutes as Arsenal U23s drew with Derby County. Check out his excellent return here….

This is the team that started the match, and there are quite a few first teamers getting fitness boosts there….
Huddart, Maitland-Niles, Bielik, Bramall, Nelson, Coquelin, Wilshere, Gibbs, Reine-Adelaide, Willock, Nketiah

Video courtesy of the Young Gunners Youtube Channel


  1. neil says:

    Its a difficult one with Jack.. we dknt want another Diaby situation where an excellent player had multiple injuries. Great respect for Wenger trying to help the player but it took up a place for a young player to come through or another new player. For me this is last chance saloon for Jack… in fact I would prefer we sold him with a buy back clause unless he is inoressing in training.
    At least he doesnt need to be rushed back to first team like previously as we have a strong squad now and I think that was the issue im the past with him and Diaby in that we knew we could not spend big and hence the delay on taking the tough decision.
    From a sporting point of view lets all hope Jack is over his injuries and can still become the player he can be.. and hopefully with Arsenal !

    1. kev says:

      If you look at Wilshere clearly he has these matches since his injury where he starts to get back to his old self.Honestly,I see an injury free Wilshere being world class even if it’s not with us.The talent in him is just too much and only these repetitive injuries can hold him back.I don’t see him becoming a normal player because even when you look at his Bournemouth loan which was okay the way he performed against the top teams shows he will make it.He’s better than Ramsey but more injury prone.If he had Ramsey’s fitness he’d be better.However,it’s best we sell him with a buy back clause or send him on lian to aid his development.

  2. adi says:

    article forgot to mention that Reiss Nelson also scored a brace from going 2-0 down. What a lad

    1. McLovin says:

      He should replace OX right away if he is really leaving.

      £37 million for someone who doesn’t want to sign an extension has never scored more than 6 goals a season (and is often injured) is some great business.

      1. Simon says:

        Ox is mad if wants to leave. He’s first team now – no guarantees elsewhere

        And Arsenal have been very good to him

      2. Joe Llabtoof says:

        A bit short sighted I think. Not every player is a goal scorer and Ox is one of the few gunners willing to take on opponents head to head. His hesitation move leaves opponents twisting in the breeze.

        My one criticism of Ox is his service into the box but he has improved greatly and is still young.

        IMO. Ox is a keeper. And if Kyle Walker is worth 45-50 mil……. then so is Ox.

    2. Joe Llabtoof says:

      Thanks for mentioning Nelson. He looks to be a special player. Wenger is almost certainly waiting to see if Nelson can continue this great form but if he does he will soon see some 1st team playing time.

  3. Pat Lillis says:

    well, we need a ball playing DM. Jack can fit that slot, but he’ll probably get injured in a bad tackle first game in.

  4. Muff d says:

    Fk sake
    Didn’t diaby have some great comebacks
    This story has been old

    No one cares . Just sell him .
    Wish him well an hope someone else brings the best out of him

    1. Pablo Picasso says:

      Totally agree with you,

      Jack has been making millions based on one game, the Barca game years ago which only Arsenal fans seem to remember and believe Jack can be that player again.

      Its not only Arsene who’s clueless at the club. Sale him and either promote a youngster or recruit.

  5. stubill says:

    Admin. Looks like I’ve balls up the video, can you sort or delete.


  6. Hass says:

    Sweet! There’s the proof jack is back!!!! If he can boss derby u23s like that, imagine what he will do against united and Chelsea! The lad is back !!!!!! Yewwwww!!!

  7. kev says:

    The players in that defence were a joke except Bielik.It looks like it’s not only in the senior team that players are played out of position.I mean how can you think of playing Ainsley Maitland Niles as a CB let alone Cohen Bramall in a three back system.People think Cohen Bramall was bought to necessarily be 3rd choice but they’ve forgotten Marc Bola who’s just as good and was mincing players on loan.What’s the deal with Maitland Niles?He’s a fantastic CM for his age but constantly playing him out of position won’t help him.Honestly,this season could be bad for both U18 and U23 when you look at the players who’d be going on loan and the team’s setup.The poor management seems to start from the youth team these days.

    1. neil says:

      Maybe they know he is very good at CM and trying him in other positons so je can be versatile to get a chance in first team in 2 or 3 positions as CM is loaded with players.

  8. LL_cool_gunner says:

    I just watched Jack’s highlight Vs Barcelona, I almost cried, so much potential, injuries have been unkind to him..

    1. kev says:

      I still believe he can make it even if it’s not with us.I just don’t see him becoming a normal player.At times things will hold you back in life but the sweet end makes your story even better.The Barcelona match is even way back.Go and rewatch the highlights of Wilshere vs Bayern where he destroyed Schweinsteiger and Javi Martinez or Wilshere vs Man City(14/15) where he ran them riot.

  9. Zad says:

    considering Arsenal will buy one more midfielder in this transfer window (hopefully) Jack wont fit in starting 11 and in the bench. just sell him and use the money to buy a quality midfielder
    to be honest i am more excited to see Nelson in the team

  10. bur says:

    let him go and let him be injured for some other team.

  11. Shai says:

    #bur#youareheartless. How can you post such comment? He is still loved by us. Just wish him well and say goodbye.

    1. Bur says:

      Not heartless my friend. Practical. His appearances per season speaks for its self. If you can’t preform in your job you have to go. Sorry.

  12. GB says:

    Er whoever wrote this article got it wrong, we won 3-2!
    Which is not a draw.

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