VIDEO EXTRA – Jack Wilshere’s 15 minute performance against Russia

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere was consigned to the bench for England’s opening Euro2016 game against Russia last night, but Roy Hodgson finally sent him on in place of Wayne Rooney with 15 minutes of the match remaining.

Russia were resilient, but Our Jack tried to introduce some fire into the Lions as they attempted to hold on to their 1-0 lead. To be honest he wasn’t terribly impressive, and the one time he nearly created a real chance, Tottenham’s Harry Kane was sitting offside. And then of course, Russia equalised right at the death…

Have a look and see what you think of Jack’s performance….



  1. atid says:

    OT: rumours now linking us to Cavani. I wonder if everyone also thinks this 29 year old is too old?

    1. Arsenal007 says:

      I feel you @atid.
      Same way RvP was too old, and won Man U the title. As well as Vardy.

      By the way, it cost England not featuring Vardy yesterday…I think.

      1. Arsenal007 says:

        Wilshere’s 15 minutes were not his worst. He did quite well.

        OT: ADMIN, is there a way we could promote peace during this Euro? It’s really sad that clashes between teams are marring the competition.
        My 2 cents.

        1. davidnz says:

          A ĺot less people will die
          in these European battles
          than in two world wars
          last century . Lol.
          Perhaps we could send a ‘Be nice’
          To everyone’s mobile.
          That is bound to help.
          ‘All we are saying is give peace a chance.

        2. Admin says:

          It’s a shame they are not Arsenal fans. Then they would just be fighting between themselves!

          1. davidnz says:

            Ha ha

          2. Arsenal007 says:

            LOL 🙂 …It’s a pity though.

    2. Fab says:

      Bayern Munichen had Gomes, they sold him at
      his best because they knew he was not good enough for them, They replaced him with Manzukch yet they sold him at his best and went for the very best Lewondowsky.

      They did all those because of their high ambition from the fans.

      What I am supplized, arsenal fans are always
      defend the mupet OG with some stupid
      statistics. Failure!

  2. Simon_MrMac says:

    Thought he played great.

    1. davidnz says:

      Well he got on the park.
      He did not get injured
      So all good so far.
      He looked confident
      And relaxed too the best I
      Have seen for a long time.
      If he could just stay fit

  3. muda says:

    So him and Vardy are now sitting next to each other on the bench? Club mates already I guess.

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