Video extra – 2019 League Cup Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal – End to end excitement

I’ve just realised that I haven’t added the highlights and goals from the amazing Liverpool v Arsenal 5-5 draw at Anfield in the League Cup earlier this season. It may have been scary to see our defence being run ragged and watching Mustafi score yet another own goal so early in the game made me extremely worried about the final outcome.

But come back we did and in impressive style. I am sure you remember the game but it was like a ping pong match and the Gunners soon equalised and then roared into a 3-1 lead. It looked like the game was ours and in fact we were in the driving seat right until the 93rd minute when yet another equaliser from the Reds made it Liverpool v Arsenal 5-5, and we were subjected to the awful penalty shoot-out…

I could watch this game again and again for the simple excitement, but it was an awful way to get knocked out!



  1. MadHatter says:

    I think Klopp got it for right after the match when he said:

    “You know, I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed each second of the game. I don’t know the last time I had so much fun in a football game. I saw so many really good performances”

    Result didn’t go our way and there were plenty of mistakes, but was a good entertaining game with both sides giving it their all on the pitch and plenty of positives for both sides to take from it.

  2. Gunnerpete says:

    I did notice that according to the BBC, ITV and Sky, Liverpool were fantastic and played loads of kids. Arsenal ? Oh yeah they were there on and yes they played 6/7 kids and stiffs who played Liverpool off the park until the ref took ove4 yet again. Not saying he is bent but just look at how many times Mariner has penalised AFC in the past 10 years. Enough said.
    But, it has to be said that it was very entertaining and our kids did not lose away at Anfield. Penalties are a sham ask Bob Wilson.

  3. Miss Defence says:

    anybody notice arsenal goalie dived wrong way for every penalty Liverpool goalie dived the right way every time

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