VIDEO EXTRA – Watch Jack Wilshere’s excellent performance and red card against aggressive Man City

We all know that Jack Wilshere is a fiery personality, in fact most Arsenal fans think that this is one of his best qualities, but surely he is supposed to be winding up the opposing players instead of getting sent off himself! But this was a very aggressive Man City side that were fouling the young Gunners at every opportunity and were definitely not there to take prisoners!

I don’t know what Wenger will think of Jack’s actions in last night’s U23 game against Man City, but he certainly won’t be impressed with the red card. But he WILL be impressed with the way he ran the Arsenal midfield and put in countless perfect passes to his team-mates. See what you think?

Video courtesy of Arsenal DNA



  1. Kamikaze says:

    He is like a new signing!

    1. Wordy says:

      Funny in 2007.

  2. Victor victory says:

    Man city players were out to send him back to the doctors. While I don’t support violence, we should look beyond the surface and more into the intent. I would have done worse. The same fans call him wheelchair. Wenger should be wise in his judgment and forgive the young man. He did that out of zeal and zest to proving himself worthy of wearing our crest.

    1. SD says:

      As painful as it is for me to remember…..

      There was a game that Diaby was playing in, and doing fairly well, when Joey Barton comes and tries to break his leg. You can see his leg bowing in the replay, a high tackle very late, and the ref never even calls a foul. He gets up and goes after Barton, and the rest is history.

      I could never fault Diaby for that one; protecting yourself when another player is out to hurt people isn’t something I see as a problem. Even with all that, I still think you have to talk to him and get him to calm down in those situations. Even if he’s only there to rehab and get fitness, he’s supposed to be the veteran and is not setting a good example for the kids.

  3. waal2waal says:

    jacks over weight these days and has issues – the kid knocked him off the ball something which i thought had always been allowed. i hope im wrong but jack could be resentful of youngsters who are hungry and want to come through, he could have came from his altercation with some dignity but appears to have scathed his own reputation. now there’s more negative press which he could do without at this stage in his “stop-start” career.

    1. waal2waal says:

      ..the good news is Nelson and Nketiah had braces in our 4-3 win

    2. Simon says:

      Couldn’t disagree more

      1. Waal2waal says:

        …mayb you think fighting a 17year old makes for good PR. I think JW is running out of excuses.

  4. ZEN2OH says:

    Don’t be flattered by Wilshere’s perfomance, Challenge PSG for Fabinho, Get him Sell wilshire because he’s too injury prone. Maybe a buyback clause for him. Fabinho is what Arsenal need most now

  5. Godswill says:

    The passes were great.
    Problem is he staying fit. But he is releasing the ball very fast now.
    He’s one player we have lost. We had much expectation from him based on his potentials and antics then.
    By now he should have been our captain.

  6. tas says:

    Jack Wilshere is a class act a player that knows you have more time on the ball then most, an intelligent player with accurate passing ability and dribbling skills to match, shame his injury prone if he wasn’t he would be playing for Barca long time ago, we need a player like him orchestrating the game from the middle, hope his injury days are over but how many times i have said that so i wish him strong bones and muscles,
    i can understand him getting upset about getting fouled frequently his injury prone and trying to rescue his career in a team he loves

  7. Gooner100 says:

    Shame on the city kids…especially no 8. Wilsheres a player for many to respect, he may not be perfect off the pitch but at one stage could have reached the very top. He’s trying to come back at 25 from yet another injury crisis and over zealous kids think they can make some kind of name by putting a mark on him. It’s one of those games where any normal person would have had a little respect….closed him down but not gone in recklessly…sadly no 8 and a few of his mates have no class. In years to come when they have never made it as a pro, it will their one pathetic claim to fame. Respect…for his circumstance, his career, his talent, his future…all sadly lacking.

  8. Simon says:

    Looked sublime. And just the player we desperately need

    Looks 5 x better than Xaka.

    Thought the tackle from Man City was border-line red on its own. And how the other Man Shitty player who got involved stayed on the pitch I don’t know.

    Obviously a red card can seriously damage a match and the team. But our best midfield player of many years Viera was prone to a Red card or two!

    Honestly – we need more fight and bite in our team.

    It’s probably terrible thing to admit – but just makes me love him more!

  9. Simon says:

    He didn’t standout at Bournemouth – so I kind of wrote him off-

    But last few games – starting to convince me I was wrong

  10. mark says:

    Isn’t he supposed to be setting an example? Good to see him playing well though.

    1. Dalinho says:

      If let players bully u then so will the ref u have to start small with kicking off and lashing out get a few reds then they know not to mess then u name and shame refs in the media and put pressure on them etc soon enough u have the respect u deserve but if u don’t even appeal for ur own penalty shouts and never complain or lash out now and then we’ll the refs in England will think u don’t care and won’t give u nothing just like stoke game even zidane who was the best player head butted some one for not respecting him u earn respect

  11. Ronny says:

    A few things 1 is its a clip of highlights against an under 23 side however I think when he gets his moto he’s epic, game changing. His vision and movement was enough to interest barca at one point and generally you can’t teach that but can mislay it for a while if injured or not playing etc.

    As for the red card naughty boy and you’d be furious probably if he did this in a pl game…..BUT……I for one love it!
    It smacks of flamini, viera and Keane, known and Adams etc.
    We used to be not just as individuals but as a team an amazing technical fierce group. A great combination.
    Think sol, Lauren, viera, known, Adams……oh how I long for that. Let’s get Jack in alongside Sead and Xhaka when he remembers how to pass and already there is a bit of steal.

    On the other end of the scale is nice guy yes but wet…….Monreal when he kicked that ball out the other day. I couldn’t believe it are we winners or what? The guy was up and the ref hadn’t stopped it.
    Bellerin is another one in the camp who’s soft.

    Maybe as part of their training they should slapped around a bit to get they riled up 🙂

    # bring back jack.
    The arsenal badge he wears is imprinted right through into his heart.

  12. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    I wish he could just stay fit. was once my favourite player

  13. Ronny says:

    I have to say as recently I’m suffering pretty badly from depression due to life issues.
    My one love arsenal have not brought me too much recently but that 6 minute made me smile and remind me of an arsenal that included cazorla and ozil that I’ve not seen for a while.
    The show of voliolence or you could say frustrated self defence at the end just made me smile more and feel proud to support the arsenal.

    1. Arsenalman says:

      Hold on , things will get better.

    2. tas says:

      hey Ronny its boring when you win everything every time and if you did win you will have nothing to aim for this way we are all mini managers of our great club by thinking we could do better, we must have downs to appreciate the highs but lets hope the highs come a bit sooner its been a while 🙂

      glad to hear young Jack put a smile to our faces hope you feel better soon mate

  14. ruelando says:

    There has been no doubt that Wilshere is talented, however, his bones are very brittle and i fear for him whenever he is tackled or goes into a tackle. Arsenal need players who we do not have to worry about being tackled or making tackles to become injured and that is the chance that must not be taken with Wilshere.

  15. DarkGunner says:

    Jack played beautiful against Man City , he literally controlled the middle like a boss and he masterminded the game perfectly.
    I hope he comes back to Arsenal first team soon.

  16. John says:

    From what I saw in this clip,he doesn’t look far off from the first team.hope he stays fit though.

  17. john says:

    It good that’s he on the road to recovery and show a fighting quality,he be a like a new signing, i would use him a sub, i not sure about el nely either, reiss nelson look a good player too

  18. KaTs says:

    Wish list: Cazorla and Wilshere in PL. Xhaka and Ramsey in UEFA cup

  19. JJPawn says:

    Wilshere and the Arsenal style has been the target of goons, and English ref are prone to let these thuggery go on.

    Case in point: it was penalty against Stoke with the defender’s boot in between Bellerin’s legs, and the Arsenal player going down hard. But the ref allowed the play to go on.

    Wilshere-Ozil mid-field would be amazing, but it will not work in England given the hacking and chopping done by unskilled thugs.

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