VIDEO EXTRA – Why Arsenal must keep the Ox from joining Liverpool

There have been many rumours linking Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with a departure to Liverpool because he has not signed a new contract extension. But you have to remember that he is currently on holiday with his new lady Perrie Edwards after going away with England for the World Cup Qualifiers. He has hardly had time to pop into Wenger’s office since the end of the season….

The Ox has been inconsistent in previous years due to youth and confidence issues, but this past season he has been one of our most improved players, and in fact came second in the club’s Player-Of-The-Year voting behind Alexis Sanchez. Wenger is right to say that it would be a ‘disaster’ for Arsenal to lose him, and to prove it you should watch this video of this season’s skills and goals, and see why Wenger must do everything he can to persuade him to stay….


    1. That was money going out, Arsenal will sell to anyone when the money is flowing in. Money is the new trophy

      1. Why would you down that . It’s a fecking fact .

        It’s a business and the ox he done nothing that special consistently no matter how hard the producer of this video has tried.

  1. I think someone at the top (Arse ne) should reconsider selling Ox, Walcott should be the one to depart, he has null progression while there is some very big progression concerning Ox. And considering that Walcott was given more time (over a decade) and still looks even more clueless.

  2. Craig west, just saw the news on skysports.

    I wonder why we don’t speak our deals smoothly.

    Do we just under bid for players so it seems like we actually went for the players but they wouldn’t sell? More like making the fans feel we actually tried. No way!

    Arsenal should be doing better than this. Identify who you wanna buy and make things happen.

    1. I know bro, soo annoying!!! Why bid under the valuation? AFC always being tight with money! I wish we could just be ruthless like a Man City or a Chelsea! Just MCFC interest was reported by sky sports, then next day I saw Bernardo Silva in a Man City top lol no long ting

  3. OT. Congratulations to Alexis Sanchez and the whole Chile team for knocking out Portugal in the semifinals and I hope mustafi’s German team will advance to the finals as well tomorrow …. COYG

  4. S the Ox situation annoys he he’ll out of me.
    He may not be a superstar but he has the ability to run at people and has strength and a fantastic just get on with attitude.
    Has Wenger not been noticing him doing well at cm and as a wb?
    He cannot be sold before walcott that would be a huge injustice.
    Anyway a lot a depends on who we bring in I guess if he wants assurances to play and we bring someone better in then game over sell but not to pool please not to pool! Saints, Everton Newcastle, any of these. The teams I feel we shouldn’t deal with are MU, MC and Liverpool. If he wants to warm the bench at Chelsea then so be it.lema
    R and lacazette were never going to be bought first bid, just not our way! Now our bids are public though we should close out quickly.

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