Video: Fans show their anger despite Arsenal unveiling heart-warming video

Arsenal unveiled their third kit with an inspirational video around our heritage, and fans wasted no time in making their angst public.

The Gunners have been sharing images of their new blue kit today, with a host of first-team stars snapped in the new strip, and it truly is a delight.

I wouldn’t be shocked if this was to outsell this year’s home jersey, especially if this video gets as much credit as it deserves.

Unfortunately some sections of fans failed to enjoy the promotion as they should have, quickly diverting to the club’s failure to add to certain areas of the first-team squad.

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  1. Would have been an amazing video for 1975 when Black players and Black people were not welcome at the All White Arsenal football club.
    Things have changed a lot since ’75 but with the recent Saka incident work still needs to be done and perhaps the main character of this video bears that in mind.
    As for the continuing with the blue shirt?
    Same as a hundred other clubs alternate strip.
    Meaningless with no Arsenal connection at all.
    Arsenal will never be a blue coach seat cover…
    I hope.

    1. What did your post even mean ?
      I realise you’ve changed your name from Wyoming but your posts still stay the same .
      They make no sense at all .

      1. I suppose you have ask why the name change .
        Either way it still won’t beat your high rise flats comment .

    2. WTF concussed Wyoming…the only thing amusing about this whole marketing endeavour is how they basically eliminated any recognition of the period between the opening of the Emirates and the arrival of Saka et al, which is completely fitting in my estimation

        1. Bloody typical Arsenal Sue starting the season with Xhaka and Elneny you couldn’t write it, well you could under Kroenke ownership 😆

      1. Haha I haven’t bought it Sue 😂 not likely to either if the transfer window ends with White, Tavares, and Lokogna 😜

  2. Nice PR gimmick to boost shirt sales. Nothing more.

    No disrespect to Mr Len.

    Why on earth Partey is featured in this video? Been around the club for less than a year. Does anyone believe that Partey know more about Mr Len than, let’s say, one of the few guys officially associated with our club longer than AW – Mr Jerry Quy?

    Just a money spinning campaign for the club, tailored for a global audience.

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