Video – Fantastic Arsenal debate with Kevin Campbell

Former Gunner Kevin Campbell discusses the state of Arsenal with Lee Judges.

Regular readers on here know I have very little time for AFTV, especially their more famous “commentators”. However, I have also stated that I do on occasions watch some of their shows. Not all of them are woeful.

Well, I never saw this one first time around and one of the posters on this site, ACE, mentioned it.

This is an extract of what he said, (I cleaned it up a bit)

Before unfairly criticizing and stereotyping those Youtube posters lining their pockets at the expense of Arsenals clear dysfunction atm, you might take a moment to glance at the most reason piece by Lee Judges and Kevin Campbell. Without a doubt, the most well thought out, thorough 45-minute analysis of everything that is wrong at the club. It isn’t a hack piece of meaningless vitriol aimed at the board, the Kroenke’s, or Emery but a brilliant conversation between two articulate fans expressing there concerns at the club and what could and should be done to bring pride back to the badge.

So, I thought, fine, I will have a look and ACE was 100% right. It is indeed a very good debate between two genuine Arsenal fans.

I have no hesitation in recommending you watch this.


  1. Durand says:

    Question is if they can see and state those points, why hasn’t Raul sacked Emery? Surely he is aware of the same issues; even the board is rumored to be at odds, I would guess over the very same issues.

    I would love to know what Raul sees in Emery to keep him in charge. No specifics were ever mentioned in that statement of support.

    Does Raul belive in his tactics? Approve of the conservative approach to EVERY game? Does Raul think Emery can motivate players still?

    Seems more like Raul not wanting to admit a mistake or to be pressured from fans to sack Emery; even though most everyone says he has to go.

    Raul was great at bringing players, but a bit lacking or hesitant at replacing broken parts.

    Perhaps if he better understood club and culture of Arsenal things maybe would have developed differently.

  2. Grandad says:

    A very worthwhile watch featuring two guys who have a genuine love for Arsenal and share the frustrations of fans.I would go along with most of their suggestions as to whom should be bought and sold, but somewhat surprised that “Laurel and Hardy” were not included in their list.But of course neither Socratis nor Luis have any resale value which explains their omission.As to the actions to be taken by fans to unseat the owner and the Board,as a first step those of us who are unhappy could formally register our displeasure by participating in a formal petition where we would provide verifiable name and address details.If 60,000 plus fans participated perhaps the Board might get the message.

  3. Phil says:

    A great 45 minute watch for everyone.Two guys who LOVE AFC and they both offer their views in a disciplined manner, which is a very hard thing to do when OUR CLUB is as messed Up as it is from top to bottom.

  4. De-ra says:

    Nice one Admartin👍.

  5. jonfox says:


  6. Jo3l says:

    At 1st look I was not happy but… this may work if it is a back 4 with Xhaka as DM… Guandouzi and Willock as left and right of the midfield for energy in defence and drives forward when needed. Ozil as number ten and 2 strikers in Laca and Auba…. only tjing I would change is Lucas as DM

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