Video – Five players Arsenal should dump in the winter transfer window

The transfer window is less than four weeks away and the big debate about who should go has started.

Arsenal fan and Youtuber Lee Gunner, has done a video in which he names five players Arsenal should sell next month.

That is certainly a debate that has been raging for a while and that will pick up as the transfer window approaches.

There is a very long list and I am not sure five is enough but obviously too many changes can be destabilising.

As usual, Lee is articulate and backs up his opinion with sound reasoning.

Watch the video and let us know if you agree with Lee’s assessment.

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  1. How do we get rid of players in Jan, then bring in new players with an unstable coaching staff and us sinking down the table… 🤔
    You can tell this guys plays fifa whatever and his audience are fifa whatever players. Nothing realistic or logical in anything he said…

  2. Only player I agree with 100% is xaka. He is not special at anything.

    The rest if them I think could be given a chance to be transformed under a new manager. Chambers needs to be a CB for me

  3. With the exception of Chambers who should be used as a CB, I agree wholeheartedly with the recommendations made by Lee.I hope whoever was involved in these shocking acquisitions is no longer at our Club.If they are they too should be shown the door.

  4. Just wondering where my first message regarding Lee Gooners video post is why has it seemingly been removed? Thanks JustJoy for your comments.

  5. Still no response as to why my comments regarding Lee gunner’s video post seems to have been removed very disappointed that there has been no explanation given.

    1. I did not delete but checked the bin to see what you wrote. Well, I can confirm I would 100% have deleted it as well. I am stunned you expected an explanation. But you asked so I will let you know. You gave a religious sermon that is why.

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