Video – Freddie Ljungberg on Mesut Ozil omission, Keown reacts

Freddie Ljungberg reveals why Mesut Ozil was left out of the Arsenal squad and Martin Keown reacts.

The amount of managers having issues with Mesut Ozil keeps on growing. It took Freddie Ljungberg just three weeks to become disillusioned with the German playmaker.

This video from BT Sports shows Ljungberg after match interview where he talks about Ozil and it is followed with the reaction in the studio from Martin Keown.

Ozil is no longer Freddie’s problem, that honour now rests with new manager Mikel Arteta. Hopefully, the Spaniard can resolve the Ozil conundrum once and for all.

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  1. Ozil’s chronic absence was a blessing in disguise for Arsenal and Smith-Rowe tonight. Having players who implement high pressing is essential, especially if Arsenal intend to keep playing with no 10

    Unfortunately Arteta has to give all senior players their fourth chance. There will be no excuse for them if they can’t compete in EPL level, since they have failed three managers at Arsenal

  2. come in all you ozil lovers, please !. what are your opinions about mr.ozil now. and i mean your HONEST opinions, and, if you were ozils manager what would you do to get the best out of this lazy git. i wont be expecting too many answers, but it will be intresting .

    1. and hope we never see that sick behaviour ever again in an AFC jersey. That is what I like about the invincibles. No nonsense tolerated.And after all Unai was not wrong about him, but that is history now.Hope Mikel deals firmly with attitude issues first.

  3. Ozil won’t improve any further.
    Football and the human physiqy doesn’t work that way. That’s the honest truth.
    Every footballer starts at an early age.
    In Football there are technical terms players can also be categorized into especially when they’re still young.
    Some reach their peak early and decline early, some reach their peak early and decline later on in their career, while the others reach their peak late and decline late.
    Sadly enough, Ozil is an early riser/Peak player who falls into the category that declines early in their careers.
    I won’t delve into others for now.
    Every football fan knows it’s hard to watch your favourite players decline early.
    Ozil took the world early and before he clocked 30 he declined. I’m not saying this to spite anyone, I’m only saying the truth even if it hurts.
    Vardy seems to fall into the late riser/peak, late decline category.
    Ibrahimovich is a perfect example for the early riser/peak, late decline as I don’t want to use Messi or Rinaldo in any if the situation.
    Anyways my point is, Ozil has been on decline for some years now. It’s not getting better. I know what Standard Ozil could do with the ball in any situation.
    So really let’s just stop all the drama, I try to always be unbiased. He’s just a player who declined early.
    The only reason I do defend him, the situations I jump to his defence is when people start calling him out for his salary. I’ve never judged players by their salary and I’ll never do that.
    It’s a bit crazy to do that, if you want to start judging players by their salary and performances, Pogba ain’t worth his salary, Hell Mhki ain’t worth half the salary Arsenal pays him, Rashford ain’t worth the salary he gets, Mustafi ain’t worth the salary he gets.
    The list could go on.
    That’s when you’ll see me defend him or defend other players. I hate the fact that fans easily throw out his salary as though he wrote the sum on his contract himself.
    By his performances, it’s time to move on

    1. When you realize you have declined so badly and have nothing to offer, you don’t hold the club to Ransome to pay you ozil’s wages and then start showing up with poor attitudes

  4. I will say it loud and clear and anyone who wishes to argue, please do so and you will get my reply. Ozil disgusts me! He is a fraud and a conman taking Arsenal and we fans for a huge ride. Some fans – though fewer, each cheating “peformance” he enacts, when he is not faking an illness, a split toenail a bad back or a headache – still stupidly support this man . This man is actively harming our club and the cancerous GAZIDIS, possibly the single most poisonous Arsenal employee ever, catastrophically awarded this conman the huge contract that he is now getting, whilst he laughs at the idiocy of some GOONERS who are, even now, out of touch with all reality. Fiv eyears ago I lauded OZIL who was then having a great season. But an awful lot of water, in fact the Pacific Ocean , has gone under the proverbial bridge since then. In the name of God man, just LEAVE!
    I could say much more but you get the point. I crave this cheating man’s eventual exit from us and I feel sure that Arteta will, privately- since managers cannot possibly say in public what they actually feel- decide to sideline him , mercifully for us, from thrteam. When this fraud of a man eventually goes, I WILL OPEN A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGE TO CELEBRATE.

    1. If the Turkish club is really interested and able to take Ozil, then he has to go. I think he has been a symptom of all that is bad with Arsenal these last few years. He is flimsy, he is sneaky and he is a cancer that needs cutting out of this arsenal set up. I hate the fact he has Robbed this club blind with insipid performances and has not given this club the respect it deserves. Go Ozil, you are not wanted, your attitude stinks.

      1. That is why Ozil condemns the treatment of the Moslem minority Uighars by the Chinese government, but doesn’t take up the murderous attacks on the Kurds by the Turkish government with his good mate Erdogan. Ozil knows where his bred is buttered.

      2. I miss Ramsey, cannot believe those idiots let him go for a bunch of players who don’t want to be at our club. Its hitting me now hard.

  5. Direct quotes on UE regarding Ozil, in which he has claimed that the player did not have the necessary qualities for the pressing game he wanted to play while at the Emirates (MUST HAVE MISSED THEM!!!!).

    “I’ve had a lot of conversations with Mesut Ozil”.
    “He’s a very important player for the team”.

    “There are games in which you see Mesut’s brilliance,linking with the attack. But, also, I had to find players around him so he felt comfortable”.

    “Also the team needed to feel solid. And when you, little by little, have to build a team that is aggressive (!), intense (!), as well as structured (!) for good pressure (!), we also had to find a space for Mesut as he gives us an important part of the game, which is his brilliant talent”.

    “To do so I had to find the right connections between players, the right tactics. I was very motivated to try to find that. I wanted Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mesut to work together, each one of them with their own characteristics.
    But there were times when I had to leave one of them out of the XI. Ozil is a very important player if you can find a way to make it work with other players”.

    He has talent that allows other players to be better, but when you want a bit more aggressive pressure he does not have the best qualities for that”.

    Really interesting insight into a man who actually had first hand experience with the player… rather than an ex player turned pundit, who currently has no direct contact with the club in either a coaching or managerial role (BRILLIANT PLAYER OF COURSE) and thought UE was the answer to our problems… and as for yet another manager being disillusioned with the player, I thought freddie was just there for four/five games as a caretaker, but suddenly, it seems, he is now a fully fledged premier league manager.

    Indeed, what freddie actually implied was confirmation that ozil was injured, but wouldn’t have been selected due to his reaction at being substituted last week (QUITE RIGHT TOO).

    I am looking forward to seeing what Mikel can do with this quote “very important player, Mesut’s brilliance, his brilliant talent, the talent that allows other players to be better” as UE has stated and which Mikel has further enhanced with his Massive player description.

    Time will tell if Arteta can achieve what UE only saw, but whatever MA and MO talk about and decide, I have every faith in Arteta doing whatever is right for The Arsenal, without bias, vendettas or personal animosity – and having no concerns about the absurd salary being received.
    If he doesn’t fit in with our new coach, it’s bye bye Mesut.

    1. Good measured response Ken following the usual rants. I just wish Keown would stop his sniping and innuendos. This sounds like a bit of leftovers from their previous spat. Wrighty did say that he was easy to wind up in his Bergkamp interview. Ozil must be unique he appears to be the only player who gets stick even when NOT playing.

      Anyway I hope that Arteta sorts things out with him, one way or another.

      1. And let’s not forget Andrew, Jon ( I’m going into hiding because I will look foolish if I try to answer that question so I will avoid it AGAIN ) Fox has never been known to be wrong and change his mind has he?
        I quote ( as best I can remember ) “ I’ve never been more convinced that this manager (Emery) is the Right man to lead the club forward”.This comment coming onto my screen as I’m driving back from Anfield earlier in the season after Emery had just overseen one of the biggest tactical disasters I’ve ever seen in all the years I have followed Arsenal.
        He doesn’t like Mesut Ozil.I can live with that. He calls Ozil a fraud. That’s his right to do so and he does it every opportunity he gets. If he actually went to a game then he would realise the support in the stadiums home and away are far more positive for Ozil but he doesn’t go now. I wonder why I suppose but in reality I don’t actually give a toss.The trouble with Jon is he believes every word he writes must be what every fan must believe to be correct. One day he will wake up to the REALITY because he is a REALIST to the fact that his view is not everyone’s.But he seems to believe what he writes si let him believe it himself.
        Jon, I truly hope you get the opportunity to go to a game soon.Maybe Santa will have a ticket to drop down your chimney.You will soon realise your wrong to continually believe Ohio’s fan base is dwindling.
        As far as @ Gerry Burke suggests as to why the Ozil fanboys are not replying to him I can only say that the last time you called the Ozil Lovers out, I did reply to you. Again to answer what you wrote I will only say that Arsenal are a better team with Ozil playing than without him.The facts speak for themselves. Look at the win ratios, goals per game scored, chances created. The stats don’t lie PAL. REALISTS like Jon Fox doesn’t do stats. Perhaps he ought to. Then again perhaps he ought to try answering. Question when put to him rather than ranrin* about politicians,red herrings and generally getting all knotted up in his Long Jon’s.
        But I’m not expecting him to. The STATISTICS prove I AM A REALIST in quoting that Jon Fox doesn’t answer questions that he knows will completely contract himself with.

        1. Phil, Still bashing me and others while continuing to deny the long standing -and “standing”, as in standing around, which is really apt with Ozil, since he can never be arsed to actually RUN, though he occasionally jogs in a leisurely fashion – plain truth that Ozil IS INDEED A CLUB DAMAGING FRAUD. Your frankly ludicrous attempts to support this fraud makes you look ridiculous to most on here. As for your repeated claims that those at matches do not boo him, it is true that most at any matches, at any club do not GENERALLY boo,though some do. Most folk are to reserved and too shy to actually do this. It is called British reserve. But only self foolers like you and KEN fail to see that despite this lack of regular actual booing at matches, those non booing fans dislike his half hearted coasting “performances”. Yes, I am outspoken and I am because I care. In fact I care about Arsenal Football Club far more than about ANY, repeat, ANY, single player, manager, director, they have ever had. Even, surprise, surprise, your sainted Ozil! Got that “PAL”!

          Despite your ludicrous attempts to paint me as a fair weather supporter, simply because I do not now attend home matches, which is arrant nonsense, and the fact that you do not know me at all and have never met me nor even spoken to me, you presume to judge me. Well “PAL”(to use a word YOU will recognise) I will back my superior judgement of this utter fraud against your pathetic attempts to defend him any day of the week. Not seen many others on here taking your part though! Wonder why not! I rather I DON’T!

          1. Jon-you start off by saying that “if anyone wishes to argue with you they will get your reply”.
            Well PAL, I’ve been waiting WEEKS and still cannot get a reply to a very simple question I put to you.
            The reason you are so reluctant to reply is simple-it will contradict you to the point of being embarrassing and foolish in every Ozil comment you have made.And you know this.
            Ha ha ha -embarrassing PAL

      2. As you say Andrew, the usual rants, some being so hysterical in nature, it beggars belief.

        If one actually digests what UE is saying, it sums up the differences that split our fan base so much…one seeing the weaknesses, the other the strengths.
        As you say, even when he doesn’t play, his name seems to dominate the discussion!!!

        I have so much time for Keown, couldn’t we do with his spirit and defensive qualities at the moment?
        It does seem to have become a personal spate though, something that he should rise above I feel.

        I also listened to freddie’s forthright reason as to why he would have dropped Ozil, even if he was fit, couldn’t be more clearer than that could he?
        I hope Mikel carries that forward with all the players and takes no nonsense from the likes of Auba/Lacs regarding their contracts.

        Exciting and intruiging times ahead for sure.

        1. Ken, Martim Keown, as has David O’Leary, has offered his assistance to Arsenal in a coaching capacity, yet has been rebuffed.
          I ask you all the question, who would you replace in the Arsenal teams, Keown played in, with Mezut Ozil?
          Would Mezut Ozil have survived in that Arsenal dressing room?

          1. ozziegunner, what you are asking is totally off the post I wrote regarding UE’s words, but I will give you my views as you asked for them?

            They were turned down by The Arsenal, I don’t get your point…are we supposed to take on every ex player who offers their services? Haven’t we had enough with Bouldy? I would, however, swap him for Keown in a heartbeat – O’Leary? After the way he dissed the club…no thank you!!

            When Dennis, the greatest player I have ever seen in our shirt, was playing such wonderful football, he had Petit, Vieria, Gilberto to back him up – I believe Ozil would flourish with those type of players behind him, hence the frustration he shows so often.
            He never had to run back and defend, the three guys I mention above would be mortified to think he had the audacity to do their job for them!!!

            Now, if Dennis had Xhaka, Guendouzi, Willock or any other of our current midfield, do YOU think he would have been as devastating?

            I am NOT comparing the two in any way, Dennis will always be the man, but the team that Dennis had around him, the very best in every position, would suit the way Ozil plays to a tee.

            The team Ozil has around him would see Dennis explode with anger and frustration, they would have no idea what he was thinking of doing with the ball, because they wouldn’t be up to his level.

            As for the dressing room, who knows? If my views are correct, Ozil would be doing his job and the players would be happy.

  6. Ken, one of my favourite Dennis Bergkamp stories was when he first came to Arsenal, the players tried to test him out. Keown, Adams, Bould et al tried to kick him off the park at training. Bergkamp took it for a while and then reacted by taking them out with some tough tackling. They left him alone after that. I can’t imagine Mezut Ozil being able to cope with a similar situation.
    If Bergkamp was playing with the current players, being the quiet person he was, he would not “explode with anger and frustration. They would not be left wondering what he thought, but he would have tried to carry the team on his back. Totally different characters and mind sets, but I know who the old Arsenal players would rather have in their team. It will be interesting to see in the future how many Arsenal players, claim about Mezut Ozil, as his team mates stated about Dennis Bergkamp given the stars he played with, that he was the best player they played with. Similarly the comments from opposition players.

    1. ozziegunner, agree with most of what you say, but I have seen Dennis lose his temper on many occasions and explode.

      Remember the Liverpool game where he got sent off for throwing a coin back into the crowd – and your memory of the training ground incident backs up my theory.

      The problem is, you cannot change a person’s make up, whether he earns £5 or £55 million and Ozils style of play has been that way since he started.

      Not only the old players would want Dennis in their team if they had a choice, so would every fan I believe, but that is not the case today.

      Interestingly, you didn’t disagree with my view that Ozil would have been a success with the likes of Vieria and Petit around, is that a point you agree with?

      1. Ken-If my memory serves me correctly, it was Jamie Carragher Who was sent off for throwing the coin back into the crowd not DB10.Also McAlister went in the same game for going over the top on Vieria.Some game that.Thats when we had a team that backed down to nobody.

        1. Phil, old age creeping in mate, thanks for the correction – jeez at least I try to answer questions directly!!!

          Wasn’t Dennis involved in one way or another (apart from being his usual brilliant self) and disciplined for it, or have I really got this game confused with another?

          Your so right, after last sunday’s efforts, it seems we have a group of “players” who have no pride in the badge…it’s all Ozil’s fault of course.

          I just wondered why, when auba missed the simplest of chances yesterday, by not connecting with the ball properly, he wasn’t accused of humiliating all his fanboy followers, being branded a thief for not doing what he is paid an enormous (reportedly) sum of money and while bleeding the club dry

    2. The difference is Ozzy, Bergy had class ouzing out of every vein and played like he cared. You cant compare the two, Bergy was class on grass Ozil is crass on grass compared to bergy. Bergy never let Arsenal down, he fought tooth and nail. Ozil is a theif.

      1. Reggie, the funny thing is, you accuse others of writing a load of rubbish and call them old fools, but what you have just said is so full of childish moronic stupidity, it borders on insanity.

        Neither ozziegunner or myself were comparing the two as players and we took great care in making that plain and simple…in order that we wouldn’t confuse simple minds…it seems we failed in that basic plan.

        If you think Ozil is a thief, why not do something about it? Report him to the club, they would be very interested in your views, as would Ozil himself of course!!!

        Ever thought of facing him and saying he was a thief, or writing to him and explaining yourself?

        Try to add some value to the debate – don’t bring it down to gutter level garbage. Happy Christmas!!!

        1. Yes ken, happy xmas, meant with all the disdain you meant it with. Speaking of gutter level, your posts are not up to that standard yet but keep trying.

          1. And ken, show me where i have accused anyone who hasn’t written rubbish, where i have accused them of writing rubbish. Show me where i have called anyone who isnt an old fool, where i have accused them of being and old fool. You wont be able to, you old fool.

          2. Reggie, I look forward with interest to the breaking story of you accusing Ozil of being a thief in court – you are correct that I view your comment with complete disdain, but as I’m not a hypocrite, the christmas wishes were not in that catagory, my junior gunner.

            My new year resolution is to try and become as much a complete ar***ole as you are… but if a young immature twerp like you can do it, it’s not really a challenge, more of a decline in my morals and standards.

  7. This ozil defences is getting out of hands.
    Why will someone use player around a player to judge another player ability?
    What has happened to try your best for people to see.
    Ozil has the same players around like Sanchez does and he still prove himself.
    Auba proves his, Zaha, De bruyne in his former club… So many players I can’t mention.

    Ozil has a single year to show himself, so is Ramsey, Wilshere,and many others. This players also play among same atmosphere.

    People saying he did wonders in Madrid, put Ramsey or Wilshere in Madrid team and see how they perform.

    Put cazorla in Madrid team and see if they will ever want him out, that is how good he is compare to Ozil.

    Ozil is just not a good player, that’s simple. A good player doesn’t need good players to prove himself. A good players shows what he got on the field .

    Some even use pre assist to defend him but I remember this same set of people go against Iwobi’s fan when using pre assist to defend him. If pre assist is not good to defend iwobi, why is it good for Ozil?

    God knows I prefer Fabregas 10times than Ozil.

    Forget about his salary though, he didn’t force the board for it, so I don’t see him as a fraud for that.

  8. Bob’s.. Ramsey, wilshere and even carzola will not play in that team mesut played with in real Madrid.. Ozil was a beast and no body will bench him then.

    Yes I admit that Ozil has declined a little this past few years but he is still the most creative player in our team. So we need him

    1. @ Olaitan, If Ozil was a beast as you said why then did Madrid release him to Arsenal? There wasnt a current and actively performing Madrid player that Arsene Wenger could have priced away sentiments apart. At his level then Ozil was surplus, that’s a fact we have to deal with. Why must you have arrays of star player around you before you can perform well. What are people really defending? That someone is highly gifted but lacks the will to show case it and be a positive role model for the less gifted ones to emulate, his carriage, non charllant attitude and committment while on duty is so liturgic that one wonders why he is still donning Arsenal jersey. I guess as his cronies boasts, it is for shirt selling as the owner is not interested in trophies.

  9. Ozil is a liability…in many ways,,,,work rate. Attitude, mental strength when arsenal are down…not earning his pay level..
    Best to cut your losses and rebuild IMO.

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