Video – Frustrated Arteta says Arsenal have a mountain to climb

Mikel Arteta seems to be at a loss as to why Arsenal can’t hit a barn door and have suffered yet another home defeat, this time to Wolves, and are now languishing in 14th place in the table.

Mikel keeps taliking about the fine margins, but they never seem to be in our favour….

We certainly do have a mountain to climb, but what are the odds of us getting to the top before going to our greatest rivals (and League Leaders!) Tottenham next week…

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  1. Fans need to relax and have some perspective. Despite the recent defeats, we’re only 8 points away from the leader. A lot still can happen in the first half of the season so it’s important to support the manager.

    1. “Support the manager” – the popular line by fan boys who cannot bear to admit that their beloved Manager simply IS NOT getting anything right at the moment, and seems have neither plan, process, nor purpose, for managing the team to success outside of cup competitions.


      1. No, I acknowledge that he’s not getting things right at the moment. But I see no point in sacking him this early and would rather reserve my judgement until the end of this season. What plastic fans like you don’t understand is it takes time to create a winning team. For example, when managing Chelsea, Conte was heavily criticized at the beginning and it culminated when they lost to us 3-0. As the matter of fact, he ended up winning the league. Even if we assume that what you said is true, I doubt you can name one manager who is better than Arteta and available right now.

        Also, the fine margins is really in our favor. It would have been a lot worse if teams are consistent and not dropping points. So it’s really crucial to support the team to win next week and maintain the momentum in December, although I won’t be surprised if you’ve already jumped ship and support spuds since they’re in a great form right now.

  2. The truth is Auba, Pepe, Saka, Lacca, Nelson, Willian and Nketiah to different degrees are all better than what Arteta is getting out of them. They are playing awful at the moment.

    1. I agree. It seems that most of the people who submit opinions on this forum think that just selling and buying will somehow solve the problem. That’s utter rubbish! How many of us who submit ridiculous comments have played at the EPL level? How many of us have managed teams playing at that level? I’ve followed Arsenal since I was twelve year old, I’m now 80. I’ve played for my country and in fact was one of the goalkeepers named to the World Cup Squad for the 1970 world cup. Now, let me be clear here, I played just once for my country, and that was in Africa, and did not continue with the world cup squad as my family and I had the opportunity to immigrate to the USA. No where near the EPL standard, but sufficient for me to say that I’ve never read so much balderdash as on this site. I remember Arsenal in the 1950s, and thank goodness for Jack Kelsey, the goalkeeper who almost along kept them in the old 1st Div. Don’t recall all the negativity in those days. Yes, we’re all entitled to our opinions, but I’m afraid this site has became far to depressing – I think I’ll go watch paint dry somewhere. At least there something positive is being achieved.

  3. People forget that Arteta has inherited the worst squad in recent history. He has bought players yes and has bought very well Gabriel, Partey have been good signings so far and of course the arsenal way have become injured. But we still have a lot of dead wood in this squad.

    This dead wood is exactly why we are failing. Take Partey out of our midfield we look as bad a team as we were during the Emery reign. We should all know that midfield is weak, our problem, our black hole the ball never seems to come out of and ends up with the ball back in the possession of our opposition.

    We have faced three teams that outstanding at working hard off the ball. Leeds are the hardest the heavy metal personification of gritt and determination, Villa destroyed the champions hitting 7 against them and Wolves who again are one of the best pressing teams in the league. We lost to Leicester as a result of a poor VAR call. We also lost to City and Liverpool away from home.

    We need serious investment in our midfield. We don’t want Ozils in this team nor do we need them. We need Ramsey, Parteys and Grelish type players in our midfield. Players that don’t wait for things to happen, players who make things happen.

    The reason we have such a poor engine room is not down to Arteta, it because the 15 years that preceeded him. 2 transfer windows Arteta has had one during COVID where business was difficult. and we loose games of which I expected too if I’m perfectly honest.

    Its not Arteta’s fault he has inherited a poor squad who are not good enough. Its not his fault the “SOME” Arsenal fans have set the bar way too high and expected fare too much from players like Mustafi, Bellerin, Xhaka, Lacazette and Cebellos (a good player but not suited to the Premier League nor is he the type of player we need) but its all Arteta has so he has to play them.

    He knows this team isn’t at the races or will they be. He was at Man City he knows what a team off winners looks like and there are too many players who don’t fit that bill.

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