Video: Full highlights from Arsenal’s defeat at the hands of Chelsea

Some of you may have missed yesterday’s loss to Chelsea at the Emirates, but it wasn’t pretty viewing for Arsenal fans.

We lost 2-0 on the day to leave us down in 19th place in the Premier League at this early point in the season, leaving us with a dreadful feeling, but our rivals were fully deserving of their victory.

The Blues are Champions League winners, amongst the favourites to win the PL this season for good reason, and they had very little disruption to the clash, while we we are losing players by the day it seems.

The only positives to take from the game was the support from the fans, and possibly the return to action of Aubameyang, who was clearly lacking fitness but put in a shift when called upon on the hour-mark.

We have a League Cup match in midweek before we go to Manchester City next weekend, and can hopefully use the West Brom match to build up some confidence.


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  1. My comments are in reference to other articles on JA. I read an article that stated we have not improved the team with the players we bought in. I disagree! I think white is a fine player and will help our side. Taveres and sambi are also players for the future but will do a really good job right now for the team. Odergarrd is and will be a good player but again he’s not what we need right now and I’m not sure we should have spent 30 million on a keeper when we needed to address other areas in the team! I wanted to give the manager the benefit of the doubt but his judgment is questionable. For years the fans, commentators, pundits and fans from every other club have known that Arsenal are a soft team. If you get at us physically you can beat us. When we lost players like viera, petite, Gilberto even edu to some degree we never looked strong enough to go the whole season battling teams week in and week out. Presently we look at the team and most fans have already pointed to our weaknesses that are clear to see especially if it’s your career to make videos and a report to send to the next manager and his team that will be facing us! We already know that the striker are suffering right Auba needs to leave the club right now or a new manager with a different system need to replace arteta if he has any chance of rediscovering his form. Laca is done. Respect his work rate and what he gives to the young players at the club but he looks and plays like and old man on the pitch now. We should not be considering him as a starter for us. If xhaka is parteys partner in midfield then we lack ambition. He is a good player but he doesn’t give enough of what we need. Roma would have been a good move for him, playing in the Italian league would have been more his speed. The premier league is the toughest and best league in the world I truly think he needs to level down. Bissouma was a no brainer!
    I like tierney, his fire and passion on the pitch but some have pointed to his injuries I remember a Scottish friend just before we signed him mentioned that he injury record was a worry! His defending against some of the big strong players that come down his side is also suspect you’ll never see him not trying but sometimes the players are just too big and strong for him to handle and it’s clearly visible in game. The other problem is tierney is would be perfect if we had an old fashioned centre forward that score goals with there head. He’s an old school player that wants to get to the byline and cross the ball for someone to head in. Who can’t see that!
    Like Taveres. Good buy, I think he will add some needed steal to our back line while being able to get forward and support the attack. Right back we should have strengthened. Cedric bellerin chambers are no good. Talking about consistency. They may have good games here and there but we need someone week in week out to own that position! Ben white odergarrd and Ramsdale 110 million or more. Fine players but should the money have been put into strengthening other areas in the team. We had mavropanos saliba that we should have given opportunities to. I’m still not sure if odergarrd is that midfield that’s gonna score goals or unlock defences with passes the way we need him to. And will ramsdale bench Leno or will his 30 million £ butt be sitting in the bench? We need a top striker maybe Calvert from Everton Wilson at Newcastle bamford Leeds type player. Pepe again will have a good game here and there but consistently he will not. I know my post is all over the place just getting off a night shift and my brain is scramble but wanted to get my thoughts out before I sleep.
    The main issue is the manager his tactics, style of play. He will not get the best out of this group I think it’s too late for that. He needs to walk away, take a break and come back in a year to a team where the expectations or not so high and work his way up. Maybe he could over time be a great manager but right now it’s not gonna work for him at arsenal! I really wanted him to be a success here but it’s not gonna happen. The question is how much time will the club give him.
    Apologies for my gibberish!

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