Video: Gabriel Martinelli receives a rare double-booking for two actions

Gabriel Martinelli has received two yellow cards for successive fouls to leave Arsenal with 10-men away at Wolves.

It has been a tough encounter at the Molineux this evening, with neither side managing to get a strong foothold on the game, but we are now set to endure a tough ending to the game.

I can’t say I can recall a player ever getting penalised with a second yellow before knowing he had even received the first in a rare chain of events, and we will now attempt to play out the game with an extra man in defence after Arteta opted to replace Bukayo Saka with Rob Holding as a reaction the dismissal.

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Will we manage to hold on against Wolves?


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  1. This referring is becoming openly biased. Ridiculous and shameless. If any play should have been stopped for foul on Martinelli and it should have free kick for Arsenal.

  2. This is openly disgusting. His first offence was obviously a reaction to a glaring foul on him.if anything , the play should have been stopped with a double booking for both offending players but nah it was a double booking for was a great win though .the lads showed grit and determination to take home a hard fought 3 points from a dangerous ground.coyg.

  3. The Arsenal management need to sit with the English FA, it’s really becoming an issue, we are always booked for uncalled fouls,

    Spurs vs Southampton, Kane was offside but was also fouled, the offside overruled the foul, the goal Son scored was from a damaging challenge on the Southampton striker, yet the goal stood,

    Why didn’t the referee blow the whistle immediately Martinelli made the first challenge, just crazy,

    Well I’m glad Arsenal are beginning to fight hard.
    A well deserved win.

  4. I once told a friend, in another 15 years the EPL would be less popular,
    Why? Because the officiating is becoming really bad, too much change in tactics and the media hyping is too much,

    This is really killing the flow of real soccer.

    1. What’s funny is that the officiating is 100% worse since the introduction of VAR. There is literally no excuse for getting decisions wrong, or missing them with the technology.

      Yet the VAR team seems very selective about what they bother looking at, and zero consistency with their decisions.

  5. Say what you want about Arteta, but nothing he can do about the crazy amount of sending offs we keep getting.

    This one was a joke as well! I can understand it if they both bad yellows, but Martinelli’s first action was not even a yellow, or an extremely soft one at best, although he was actually fouled first. The second action, yes it was a yellow.

  6. When Arsenal are in the game or winning we seem to pick up very soft cards. Karen Carney said a very interesting truth last night, “How do arsenal players pick up so many cards when they don’t commit as many fouls as other teams”. This is true and it’s in black and white, Arsenal’s fouls per card stat is rediculous, it’s something like 3 fouls per card for the gunners 5 or 6 for other teams.

    Then if you go deeper and look at what a referee classes as a foul against Arsenal is different to foul commited by Arsenal. It seems that an Arsenal player will be penalised for a lesser discretion than their counterparts.

    Look at Gabriel’s yellow and red against City, one apparently for decent and the other for a foul on Jesus. Then we look at the amount of decent commited by the wolves players last night. Surrounding the ref at every opportunity complaining about his decisions not to book Arsenal players.

    Then Westwood for Burnley, commited numerous fouls, one a straight red card on Tierney. But he’s not an Arsenal player, rewind just a week earlier Partey was sent off for exactly the same sort of challenge, yet Westwood it’s not a red. In most cases what’s a yellow to us is not even given as a foul when the same discretion happens too us.

    Godferys deliberate stamp on Tomiyasu’s face not even a foul. But when you look at Gabriel Martinelli’s petulant little push on Podence (which he acted like he got shot) that’s a foul and a yellow leading to a second yellow and red.

    When Xhaka trys to intercept a raking ball against Liverpool and only has his eyes on the ball it’s a straight red. Okay it’s a foul but how many of those do we see week to week and how many are given streight reds. I seem to remember Mane is a massive culprit of this sort of offence. He can even elbow people in the face and come away without even giving away a freekick.

    The penalty again in the city game where Bernardo was “Pulled back”. Rewind to Utd v Arsenal at Old Trafford, Harry Meguire pulls Tomiyasu down in the box clear as day when the ball is nowhere near him, is that not a penalty too?

    As one of the guys said above the standard of refereeing is diabolical and since VAR has become even worse. Alot of fans are paying good money to watch games whether it’s in the flesh or lining the pockets of Sky and BT. All they get to see is a load of people who should never be allowed to associate themselve with the sport, take centre stage for all the wrong reasons. It comes to something when these days everyone and I mean everyone talks about how shit the ref was week in week out. Rather a lot more than the quality of the talent on display.

    What has the Prem become?

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